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Shoe 0n Head on Teacher / Teen Affairs with Female Teachers

The Creepy Female Teacher Epidemic
Shoe0nHead | 10.II.2020

2:36 I happen to have been on a forum "for weirdos" (goths and other subcultures) contacted by a girl of 12 claiming she "had experience".

Yes, I think, in absence of prospects of marriage, where the sex desires should be taken care of in a more stable way, some girls of not just 12 but even 14 would want, not real molestation, but what a judge would count as such due to nullifying their consent as per legislations on "statutory rape".

I do not any longer frequent that forum, not because it is "for weirdos", but because one of its prominent members was arguably trying to lay a hex on me.

4:22 "this boy has recess"

Had to look it up.

"in school, a period of time between classes when children do not study"

I would have guessed it meant detention (a word I had forgot).

4:37 Zamora and "John Doe" - is he anonymised?

[deleted comment to which I answer:]

@Pretty Boring OK, I can imagine, in some states.

John Doe is a pretty standard anonymising "name" like "Mengano, Fulano y ..." (forgot he third) in Spanish, right?

4:56 No, the boy was obviously not a child.

In a saner society, the boy could have married a girl of his age, or why not even a first marriage with an older woman and then remarry after she dies ... if not at 13, then at 14.

By the way, Louis XI of France wiggled himself out of his first marriage (to an older woman, I think) by telling the Pope he was only 13 when they married.*

Aristotle has said, no animal is "a young" when it is able to reproduce itself. Which 13 year old boys somwhat often and 14 year old boys as often as not are.

Also, in a saner society, one normally would not have allowed female teachers to teach boys, and take some care about ale teachers teaching girls, after puberty of the pupil.

* See below, I either was wrong, or the recourse to the Pope was because his next bride was too close to the one he had been widowed from. Or, the newer state of wiki is wrong. And the girl wasn't older.

7:00 "the reality of being a victim"

Well, there is a social "reality" of acquiring a victim status and losing the secret quasi adult status given by the affair ...

But is this reality imposed by the perpetrators or by "society"?

Obviously, in days when marriage was possible for 14 year old men and 12 year old women, "reality" usually didn't "catch up" with them. Ergo, it is not the affair as such.

7:59 As it happens, the very next example you take finishes with the boy's parents being supportive of Vera when she got pregnant.

No harmful or painful "reality catching up" since you quickly go to the next case.

8:22 I am 51. I can't drive.

Should a woman younger than myself who can drive be classified as pedophile of getting out with me, just because I can't drive?

I grew up in areas with excellent public conveyances. Vienna, Malmö, Lund ... (ok, Vienna was before I'd have been eligible for a licence anyway).

What catches my eye is that she was able to pick up an 8th grader in his house at 11 pm. Yes, pm, I checked again.

While an 8th grader would not necessarily be sleeping at 11pm (I recall reading to 1 or even 3 am), he would normally be up in his bedroom or watching a late TV show with family. How was she able to sneak past the parents or how was he able to do so?

Was she released because the parents were obviously involved and encouraging, or were both parents working outside home at night and she taking advantage of those occasions? Or perhaps a single parent working outside home?

Speaking of driving - if a girl I am into says she is [insert an age older than 18] and drives, but drives somewhat ... not totally professionally? ... should one start suspecting she is younger and that seeing her could be a set-up to stamp me as a pedo?

(I wonder if she'll come after me and hit me over my head for this suggestion, or for saying her driving is, I will not say risky, but shaky).

9:02 Would that 14 year old boy have been better off as a married man than undergoing "special education"?

I would say yes.

Obviously, a society in which a 14 year old boy can marry would also be one in which he is allowed to work.

Some 14 year old boys would have married without per se working, if their dads were royalty or nobles, but more usual would have been cases when taking over a farm in newly conquered land or when herding the sheep or goats of the village.

So, while lowering marital ages would be very good, I think in many states one would also have to re-allow, re-legalise, work for teens.

9:25 Malvern Prep ... ha. Why am I reminded of the boarding school C. S. Lewis nicknamed Wyvern (England, not Pa)?

In that school some "bloods" (students compared to "full blood horses") were having sex with some "tarts" (students who offered their arse in return for protection and privileges). If you were neither "blood" nor "tart" (and CSL seemingly wasn't) you risked being an outcast (which CSL was, till getting a private tutor).

Can one perhaps state, not just bec. of school shootings, but also because of the swim coach at Malvern Pa, that education is overrated these days? Not that I don't enjoy being knowledgeable, but some occasions when becoming more so were socially very costly to me (even if I don't think there were tarts in that sense at my boarding school, I might have gotten a very unmerited reputation of being one behind my back, but that doesn't mean I was one, and if there were, I wasn't told).

10:32 Note the person speaking of stopping to fight and letting it happen and being less uptight was, not a Roman Catholic priest, but a swim coach. I guess those are offending a bit more often than clergy. Even if they get caught less often, if even as much.

11:08 Citing the perp: "Naw, that's alright. Don't nobody have to know about it."

This sets up a completely different situation from actually marrying, since marriage is sth everyone is supposed to know about.

Secrecy of this type clearly sets up a distuation where as things are hidden, evil aspects of a relationship can be, for a time, hidden, and fester, and really victimise.

Especially horrible if the older party wants non-pregnancy as part of secrecy (for herself, if older party is the lady, for the younger party, if that is the lady) and aborts or forces younger party to abort. Sth which is of course easy to do when you have legal abortion.

As to the teacher assistant, if the allegations weren't lies because she was impopular, she is the first of these who really sets my blood boiling.

Btw, note again, teacher, not clergy.

Some guys still feel education is safe but Catholicism isn't? (OK, there is a fallen type of Catholicism involved, accepting Vatican II and "the spirit of Vatican II" - as opposed to just its actual letter, where this kind of thing did happen once in a while ...)

11:29 Teen saying "she's really a sick individual"

Have you heard of brain washing? It seems it works.

I don't know why that teacher assistant had no older guy, but while I think she was criminal, I don't think she was "sick" in the sense here alluded to.

11:58 This again is sth where I have to find some fault with the teacher. B U T if "homosexual" activities remain legal, it is likely to continue and get worse. I don't like the word "homosexuality" because it is also used about a state of preference in the mind, whether real or presumed by other people about a person.

Wait, the mother had to wait two years before getting justice? Says something about the school discrict. Probably, some "gender theory agenda" interfered with normal law enforcement.

Like at the school where I (serving as teacher) was stamped as homosexual and the gym teacher told me I had to bear it, bc answering with indignation would be "pointing finger" at homosexuals who actually are such. His boy was one of the guys so insulting me, so he was protecting his son.

13:12 One more special education teacher here?

Like, can we say whoever gave those guys the status of needing that, actually gave them a bad deal?

Florida question.

Florida is ex-Spanish and gets legislations inspired by Puritan New England, by psychology professors from Harvard ... bad match. It's like asking why some Christians in Armenia weren't following Soviet legislation back in those times (heard of marriages conducted at 15, despite Lenin introducing the infamous 18/18 limit).

PLUS New England being aware of that, Florida has less ease in simply ignoring bad laws, so the needs will not be served by registering fake ages for couples of actual 15/15 either or 15 year olds quitting school for that matter.

13:50 Did you say the boy was eleven ...?

I can definitely see why the mother would be contacting police.

14:16 If Laura Lynn Cross was at 37 still a "Miss" I think the matter with her was, "the clock ticking".

Getting a baby before it was too late makes sense.

14:48 "there is a massive power imbalance, that's why the whole like school girl school 14:52 "teacher thing is such a commone role play. [So what ...]"

So, if a teacher is genuinely in love with a school girl, how do you propose getting the power imbalance out of the way, so that they can marry, if she responds?

One way that comes to mind, would be proposing openly and arranging for pupil x to be no more taught by teacher y.

Another reason it is such a common role play is obviously, the girl in question is not in fact a child, since school compulsions and legal marital majority have drafted or marrooned people past puberty in a fake "childlike" role.

15:25 You just called a man normal who spoke of castration?

You considered him a breath of fresh air?

Where are your norms from?

16:16 You spoke about yourself at 8.

You don't find it a bit over the top to compare 8, clearly child (most persons of most races, at least, perhaps not all in Arabia, if we shall give Muhammed a benefit of the doubt when it comes to Aisha) to teens clearly past puberty?

When these are blocked from marriage, predators will, not be, but in some moods definitely seem, like good news to them. And in some cases, as in the 14 year old boy who actually was not deprived of fatherhood, even be relatively good news.

16:20 I am not making the 8 year olds can consent argument (perhaps with exceptions for Arabia, as mentioned).

I am definitely making the argument 14 year old men and 12 year old women can consent.

That is where the Church for centuries on centuries placed the age limit for marriage.

16:29 The clip has really nothing to do with the main theme of your vlog : 14 year olds. 8th graders.

17:19 I wonder what exactly went wrong those eleven years - getting sex, or getting it on condition of secrecy.

I opt for the latter.

Unless he got some psychological treatment after the affair, and the damage is from the psychologist treating him.


"But I've been seing a therapist for a few years"

Well, maybe that's the problem.

Like there was a guy who was sentenced to mental hospital after confessing to murders and acts of cannibalism and corpse rape he didn't commit, he made those confessions mostly while on therapy in the hospital he was sentenced to.

You don't think there can be a very heavy power imbalance in a therapy situation?

And the guy who has attempted suicide seven times would perhaps not have done so if he hadn't been brought up with this kind of Puritanism.

It is certain ... wait, I think I had got some details on Louis XI wrong a few years ago when seeing wikipedia (which can have been changed since then).

It is definitely certain that Medieval teen marriages did not result in suicide attempts, unlike these secret affairs.

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