Saturday, October 24, 2020

What About an Inkling Reading Protestant, which I was?

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I am not sure one could have called me an exemplary Lutheran, but I was baptised in the Lutheran Church in 1984 (unless that baptism was invalid, less likely, but just in case an SSPX priest baptised me sub conditione in 1993 on St. Lucy's day) and I did read both C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien (with some W. H. Lewis and some Charles Williams), not forgetting I was discovering Chesterton before conversion:

The Tolkien And Lewis Bromance: The Diana Glyer Interview
The Babylon Bee | 20.X.2020

I basically leave the word to Diana Glyer, but just a few comments:

14:09 I think you are talking about a first read.

In my own case, I actually happened to read Prince Caspian first.

Perhaps that inspired me to be more of an apologist than a poet - Aslan being object of a faith vs atheism debate is the build-up in PC.

18:40 I think the "most dejected convert in England" was for Theism, believing in God - about one year before accepting Christ as true Saviour.

The acceptance of Christ as God came on a sunny day in a bus to the Zoo.

[in context of GKC's influence on Lewis]

How much influence did Chesterton have on Enid Blyton?

[in context of Lewis' writing over the heads of readers and especially That Hideous Strength]

23:37 Another "first" was That Hideous Strength, arguably influenced me to become a Latin and post-Roman Britain kind of geek.

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