Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Two People Playing at Pseudo-Empathy or Pseudo-Understanding

A comment thread under this first video:

Is the Natural World Predictable?
AronRa : 16.XII.2014

I made a comment five years ago, and it still stands:

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Uniformitarianism misdefined. 8:49

Real definition is not presence of the uniform factors of natural law but their exclusiveness in unltimate causality.

The "peak into" past or future does not just presuppose water was boiling and will be boiling at 100° C (232°F?) at sea level, but at lower temperatures at Andine Cordillera peaks (even if on Hovind theory that in itself is only good for post-Flood world, after water canopy vanished), but also that all decisive factors forming things uniquely from past or future belong to that range of uniform causality.

If either chaos (not a Christian option) or miracle of God, or acts of created wills also come into play, all except chaos being options for a Christian, some of these projections are so much more dubious.

Wilbert Lek
Where's your working model for a young flat earth?
Where's your Nobelprize?....

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Wilbert Lek You are asking some very diverse questions.

Nobel Prize has nothing to do with it, the Prize Committee is so biassed against orthodox Christianity it couldn't recognise good creation science if it bit them in the leg.

I am NOT a flat earther.

I am a Geocentric and a YEC.

Working model for Geocentrism? Tychonian orbits as to retrogrades etc. are achievable with angelic movers, and so are the movements of fix stars known as "aberration of starlight, parallax, proper movement" all of which on this view would be proper movement, performed by angels.

And if fix stars are 1 light day up, that means they travel 6.28 light days per day, which is faster than light, solution, the "nothing faster than light" limit applies to movement within aether, not to movement of aether.

What's your favourite problem about a Young Earth? I have solutions for at least three of them.

Wilbert Lek
@Hans-Georg Lundahl
"orthodox Christianity"
Religion taken to its nonsensical 5th century literacy it becomes outlandish and completely insane.

"good creation science"
Contradiction. Putting to things together that are compete opposites...

"I am NOT a flat earther.
I am a Geocentric and a YEC."
And the young flat earth creationist has no self awareness...
No, not flat, because that is what is ridiculous about it..................... smh...


Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Wilbert Lek In other words, no will whatsoever to investigate anything, just a question of venting you prejudice ...

Wilbert Lek
@Hans-Georg Lundahl "no will whatsoever to investigate anything, just a question of venting you prejudice ..."
And a fine example of projection...

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Wilbert Lek I am spending nearly most of my time on internet debating with opponents, and when challenged with a new argument, investigating it.

Wilbert Lek
@Hans-Georg Lundahl
Apparently not, otherwise you wouldn't be a young flat earth creationist...

@Hans-Georg Lundahl
"I am spending nearly most of my time on internet debating with opponents,..."
Translation: "reinforcing my silly extremist superstitious notions"

"...and when challenged with a new argument, investigating it."
Translation: "Try to come up with stupid bullshit excuses to keep hanging on to a silly extremist superstition."

It's so sad how pedantic "intellectuals" like you can so incredibly much not handle a universe that keeps changing that you become so incredibly insane that you try to defend your utterly nonsensical stupidity with as much 3 syllable words as you can to try and look intelligent about your insanity. It's actually quite psychotic.

@Hans-Georg Lundahl
And as a west European you should be ASHAMED of yourself for trying to keep pushing this ancient bullshit from people who didn't even know where the sun went at night.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Wilbert Lek After reading the three comments : you just confirmed what I said about prejudice. Like the prejudice calling me a flat earther, when I am not.

A comment thread under this second one:

The Secret Language of Witches

Here my initial comment is from two years ago, it also still stands (I changed adress, as channel changed name).

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mr Ghetto Gospel Team! Or @REVELATIONS OF JESUS CHRIST if it is so now.

I am not a witch. I am a fan of Tolkien.

Some people accuse Tolkien of having built languages like Quenya and Sindarin on the secret language of the witches.

As you know some on that precise subject, what do you think of that accusation?

Fredd Hernanadez
You shouldn't be a fan of NO man. Just Jesus Christ

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Fredd Hernanadez That is as it may be.

I like Tolkien's works, including his languages, very much.

So, as I have heard about a very horrible accusation against him, I was wondering about the reaction of someone who knew about the accusation.

Not the specific one, but the type.

Fredd Hernanadez
@Hans-Georg Lundahl ??

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Fredd Hernanadez Did you click "see more"? When I see someone I like accused, I like to clear him. When an accusation is weird, I'd like to know from people dealing with that weirdness.

Fredd Hernanadez
@Hans-Georg Lundahl I always read the full messages. Look at how upset you're getting over " clearing" a mere man's name. My very first comment covers this obsession of yours.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Fredd Hernanadez "upset" is your interpretation, like "obsession".

I like to clear the names of people I like. And that is not a question of idolatry, unlike what your first comment suggested.

YOU seem to live in a nightmarish world in which anyone can be accused and anyone (except perhaps your pastor) who tries to clear him is "obsessed" or his fandom is compared to idolatry.

I am very glad not to be in your kind of Church.

I was also asking the channel owner about one specific on the accusation, and insteaf of an answer, I get an evasion.

Fredd Hernanadez
@Hans-Georg Lundahl me have a pastor??? 😂😂😂. Again ; Jesus Christ is my King of Kings; Alpha; Omega; my Creator; Redeemer ; Messiah and my pastor. I'm sorry to burst your bubble. don't go to any church. I read and study the Word of God day in and day out.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Fredd Hernanadez I am glad to have said "perhaps" before "your pastor" then. Your attitude is still nightmarish.


Fredd Hernanadez
Hans-Georg Lundahl ok

They are both nightmarish (written before the update with Fredd): the atheist and the Evangelical. They both think they can read someone else's mind by inventing sordid motives behind anything they don't like in someone else.

They are both trying to direct people their way, with a very heavyhanded manipulation. C. S. Lewis called it Bulverism, when directed just to the argument, here both seem to be making a more heavyhanded ad hominem to my actual person.

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