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Why Catholic at All, Then?

Conciliar Church · Why Catholic at All, Then? · What About an Inkling Reading Protestant, which I was · And the Evolution Believing Near Atheist Before That? · Extra on Helio / Geo

Why SO MANY "Church of Christ" people are becoming Catholics! | Top 5 Reasons!
LizziesAnswers | 16.X.2020

5:58 That way CoC would remind of High Church Anglicanism and High Church Lutheranism.

In Swedish Church, you often have, for a Sunday "högmässa" (literally high mass, liturgically has some loose connexion to sung mass as opposed to low mass, but is not a real sacrifice of the mass even in the following version) but some Sundays "högmässa, hhn" = "högmässa, Herrens heliga nattvard" = "high mass" Lord's Holy Last Supper. Even then not a real Eucharist, not a real Mass, but that's the idea.

In High Church parishes, a "högmässa" automatically is "högmässa, hhn".

My last year before deciding to convert was as a High Church Lutheran.

Difference, like with Anglo-Catholicism, you also have an attitude of half and half "affirming Catholicism".

6:30 While Lutheranism does have the Augsburg Confession, the High Church movement within it does also have theological creativity - so, of course, have Liberal Theologians. The "strong intellectual tradition" (within one doctrine) which existed has been weakened.

7:11 Eventually it's going to snap ... here is the point in favour of either Feeneyism or near Feeneyism : how does one explain the cases where it doesn't?

How is not snapping and staying in a Protestant Church not going to lead one to Hell?

I mean, I think St. Thomas said idiots and ignorant people can have an excuse. A Protestant today is not likely to be ignorant like a Lutheran peasant in 16th C. Sweden or not for very long, and most do not have trisomy 21.

8:17 In other words, CoC, quite opposite John Wesley, has some quite pronounced "Feeneyite" tendencies, except they are not Feeneyite since not Catholic?

Here is one for Lutherans not applying to CoC : Lutherans used to be State Church or Established Church all over Scandinavian Area.

We tend to think of Matthew 28:16-20 as a command for collective conversions of nations, meaning, we also come to wonder how Christianity became established "over here" (I'm out of there since 2004, but still).

It began with St. Ansgar - a Benedictine Monk from New Corvey.

All over the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church was established. From 1520 to 27, Sweden was in schism, but not Lutheran, then, 1527, Sweden became Lutheran. It was horrible, risings like "Pilgrimage of Grace" were quashed with blood, printing press of Carthusians, first book a booklet on the Rosary, was given to two students of Martin Luther (who had literally been in Wittenberg) and the second book was a Smaller Catechism by Martin Luther.

It was like reading of how Baptists were persecuted in Soviet Russia, and like reading about the Russian Revolution (in Sigtuna, of 20 Churches only one, the Dominican St. Mary's Church, was spared, and was confiscated from them to the new Lutheran parish "priest").

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