Saturday, June 25, 2022

Gatekeeping is gatekeeping

Censored! Something Bad Is Coming! I Tried To Warn You!
24th June 2022 | Lisa Haven

6:48 I have been serving as a one man army against Commie lies like:
  • evolution, heliocentrism (already a liberal lie before commies)
  • eighth graders can't be ma's and married
  • anyone who for any reason is pregnant and can't be a ma should get abortion, and who isn't yet pregnant contraception
  • only chance of gay and lesbian people of sex is "gay marriage" (on the contrary, see Josh Weed and my countryman Svante Pääbo, even though the former failed)
  • school compulsion, CPS, psychiatry
  • anti-Catholic and anti-Monarchist views of the history of Western Christendom
  • fake news in linguistics, some of which tend to credit some lies (determinism is no longer how linguists see sound "laws" and intelligent design has a place in changes between languages, in other words, in the life of one language, anatomic men who develop without a human language in the parent generation can't invent language)
  • false views on the relation between history and science, and between history and myth (see my debate with Kevin R. Henke on Creation vs Evolution)

So far, God has sent you a one man army, and you have done gatekeeping like leftists against Mr. Trump.

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