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God help me not to take the mark!

Here is, first, Katherine Albrecht:
Dr. Katherine Albrecht on 'DNA Tracks'
13th March 2015 | CBN News

And here is Emma Thorne taking on a children's book by her:

Terrifying Christian Book for Kids | "I Won't Take the Mark" 📖
25th June 2022 | Emma Thorne

4:24 Have you checked up on the actual rights and freedoms of clients of child welfare and psychiatry before assuming slavery is gone?

What about penal slavery, when you get so and so many years of prison?

4:49 A possible realisation, if it comes back.
Masks or vaccine certificates. Masks are worn on the face, and "metopon" in Greek is less restricted than just the area above the eyebrows, and certaificates are shown by a cell phone, usually in the right hand. But where is then "man" whose number is 666? The med corps swears an oath to Apollo and if you add up the five Greek cases of Apollo, you get 2666. Hebrews have a habit of mentioning only non-millennial numbers, so the 2000 are ignored. Wait - isn't Apollo a god? Well, some Greek gods were also first of all men. And the Catholic bishops who back in the 1400's 1500's decided you could swear the oath like that argued, Apollo and his relations Asclepius, Panacea and Hygiea were a family of very pious healers, so one was swearing by pre-Christian saints, a bit like a cobbler swearing by St. Crispin was swearing by a Christian saint.

So, does it mean all doctors are bad? No, of course not. But it means the med corps is not a role model to wear on your right hand held cell phone (CELLPHONE adds up to 666 exactly in ascii) or on your metopon.

Toastbrottitan _
That's a good example of madness.

Hans-Georg Lundahl

12:53 Your comment doesn't take into account how tyranny works.

Some guy in Germany was perfectly good in 1933 to 45, he was just forced to be Antisemite ... and so he contributed to force others to be so too and to the rounding up of Jews. Without such "perfectly good people" Hitlerism would not have worked.

Take a look at the guys over here in France who have been driving for others on busses and in groceries and bakeries to be forced to wear a mask ... when you think the kind of thing you obey is "normal" this means the guy who opposes it openly becomes "abnormal" ...

18:29 "How come he fucked it up the first time?"
How come He allowed some of us to fuck it up the first time? Free will and God respecting it.
The second time, all have already made their choice, those who made a bad one won't be able to push it and those who made a good one will no more be pushed.

J. C.
So free will won't exist anymore?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@J. C. Not the same way as now.

Now on earth, we have freedom to chose our way, then we will have freedom to enjoy or suffer what we chose.

J. C.
@Hans-Georg Lundahl In what way, then, will free will exist?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@J. C. As the freedom to enjoy our choice.

And of doing acts within it.

J. C.
@Hans-Georg Lundahl Then why didn't your god just create everything with that type of free will from the get-go without the possibility of evil and suffering?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@J. C. Because then they would not have had an own choice to either enjoy or suffer.

J. C.
@Hans-Georg Lundahl But why is that important?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@J. C. Because, without that, the unchanging state would not be a type of free will.

19:31 The real question for me is, why is there a new earth?

I mean, the inside of the Earth will still contain Hell. The blessed will still be in Heaven (above the fix stars). What is the surface of the Earth good for? I'd say, for reliving memories.

"doesn't make any ... sense"

perhaps not to a Heliocentric ...

20:12 John was in AD 90, when exiled to Patmos by Domitian, the last survivor of those who had seen Jesus risen from the dead.

If he was adult in 33, he was not going to be pristinely young 57 years later.

22:52 [taken down] You know that before the war, Putin was getting a bit big with a vaccine, called Sputnik V. As with Astra-Zeneca, every single dose is disactivated viruses, and as with Astra-Zeneca, the viruses were cultivated on fetal cells. From an abortion in the 70's.

B t w ... Putin has three versions for adding up to 666. V POUTINE - like V. PUTIN, in French and _pointless_ - WLADIMIRA (genitive and accusative of WLADIMIR, if you prefer that spelling) - VLADIMIRB (B = II, which he is both as ruler of Muscovy and in his known family).

23:23 If He is in control ... why was I exposed to Lib Christian and Atheist bullying in school? Why was I refused homeschooling when both I and me were OK with that?

Well, God allows His enemies exactly so much fun with His own, before He defends them.

24:06 You don't think there was some sense in Bishop Clemens von Galen telling German Catholics they couldn't participate in Eugenics or Euthanasia, even if God had allowed Hitler to take power?

26:00 What about politically possible? Post-Cold-War? Global agreements?

Including those recommended by WHO...

And while a tattoo would be technologically possible, this would hardly make much sense (as yet).

It's difficult to impose sth purely arbitrarily, let alone get masses worked up about disagreement, so you can start killing opponents, and it is pretty certainly some type of pragmatic reason (real or more arguably sham) behind it.

That's why a simple tattoo is unlikely.

27:27 I don't know your experience of your teens.

If I had been with ma, and told to refuse discos with hand stamps (or discos tout court) I might have got involved with some serious Christian girl and be married.

I was sent to a boarding school, I took such stamps, I went to such discos, and I am still a virgin at 53.

29:17 "weird, horrible, objectionable person, who argues with everything"

If we didn't have more and more things reminding of the mark, why would a resolve to refuse to take it add up to arguing with everything?

I was in prison. I was doing the task of adding paper clips to papers. Somewhat weird ones. In plastic. And with a dotted triangle on it.

I counted. 36 dots per side. Do you know how you make a triangular number? n * (n+1) : 2. Put in 36 for n. 36 * (36+1) : 2 = 666

Some guys who produced paper clips in Sweden thought it a great idea to push prisoners to put paper clips with 666 dots on them on paper. [This was back in 1998 - divide that by 3]

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