Wednesday, June 29, 2022

"If the Tower of Babel is a Myth, What is it Conveying?" - Sorry, it's Fact!

What was the myth about the Tower of Babel meant to convey as to me it seems like a comedy of nonsense?

Answer requested by
Graham C Lindsay

Hans-Georg Lundahl
none/ apprx Masters in Latin (language) & Greek (language), Lund University
Just now
You presume two or three things:

  • Genesis 11:1–9 is a myth
  • myths are meant to convey something
  • but are not factual.

Myth is a very illdefined concept and stories so labelled are basically meant (with more or less accuracy in the result) to convey fact, apart from a few novels with divine content (Eros and Psyche, for instance).

Real history often does seem like a comedy of nonsense, as you can see from the months between Sarajevo (28 June) and battle of Cer (12 August) or first battle of the Marne (5 to 12 September).

So, accept history as often a comedy of nonsense and see what the Tower of Babel conveys as historic fact to you … to me it conveys the correct date for Göbekli Tepe. All recorded language differences are after GT. In GT, no writing. Before GT, some palaeolithic signs, the same 32 all over the caves of the upper palaeolithic. Without imperialism, it is unusual for different languages to develop the same writing system.

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