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Just in Case Anyone Confuses me with Derrida

Peter Hitchens Handled First Ten Minutes Very Well (My Comments Start at 11:08) · Just in Case Anyone Confuses me with Derrida

Why French Postmodernists were Pro-Paedophilia in the 1970s
26th Oct. 2021, The Living Philosophy

1:06 It is not necessarily a defense of paedophilia, since most of the girls and some of the boys that age would no longer be children. I mean, relativeley many girls would have had first menstruation, and some boys first ejaculation by 13. Which makes it hebephilia, except for the cases when it is between young people who are both that age.

Renata Yuuki
I did at 12 and was a child very curious about sx

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Renata Yuuki "as child" = before that?

According to Catholic scholasticism, you were no longer a child at 12.

1:33 And I suppose having girls able to marry in France up to 2006 at age 15 is also to be understood in the light of 1968? I mean, Napoleon Bonaparte who raised the marital age of girls to 15 was so obviously a pal of Derrida and Foucault et consortes, and same thing with the guys who stated (quoting one of them, you guess which one) it was OK to marry from 14 for boys and 12 for girls:

"I answer that, Since marriage is effected by way of a contract, it comes under the ordinance of positive law like other contracts. Consequently according to law (cap. Tua, De sponsal. impub.) it is determined that marriage may not be contracted before the age of discretion when each party is capable of sufficient deliberation about marriage, and of mutual fulfilment of the marriage debt, and that marriages otherwise contracted are void. Now for the most part this age is the fourteenth year in males and the twelfth year in women: but since the ordinances of positive law are consequent upon what happens in the majority of cases, if anyone reach the required perfection before the aforesaid age, so that nature and reason are sufficiently developed to supply the lack of age, the marriage is not annulled. Wherefore if the parties who marry before the age of puberty have marital intercourse before the aforesaid age, their marriage is none the less perpetually indissoluble."

Now, explain how a time capsule arrived with disciples of Foucault back into the 13th C. pretty please?

4:06 Are you sure Summer of Love in 1967 was all that big a thing in France? In US, it obviously was, with the hippies ...

Peter Mackie
I doubt if it was. The scene in France was much more political. Amsterdam and Copenhagen were the two hippy centres in Europe.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Peter Mackie Precisely.

This being so, I doubt the Summer of Love contributed all that much to Paris May of 68!

4:56 Obviously these guys were not quite into the recipy of St. ... 13th C. Scholastic, still letting you guess ... of actually letting someone start as adult a thing as marriage at age 12 for girls or 14 for boys. These guys, regrettably, were pretending that the girls they had just towsed and made pregnant were still children, not fit to be mothers ... like France to this day has c. 1000 pregnancies with mothers under 15, and 772 of them end in abortion, per year ... (it's like one JRRT aborted every year, since 772 is the ASCII gematria for JRRTOLKIEN).

It may also be mentioned, even just those few abortions for mother being under 15 are more numerous than the Muslim terrorist related deaths in France per a year.

9:22 Oh, by the way, as long as you cannot document lots and lots of these guys doing what ... Matzneff ... did not do, namely marrying the girls that they had had sex with and keeping with them until they were dead themselves and the "childbrides" if you will something like widows in the thirties or forties, that is not the side I am finding myself on. JFYI.

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