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Trent Horn Bungles Catholic Historic View of YEC

Trent Horn - The Big Bang, Evolution, and Catholicism
15 Oct. 2015 | Catholic Answers

1:07 Reference for the Catholic religion being compatible with Big Bang and Evolution?

Humani Generis only states that the compatibility may be investigated (not that it's there).

2:08 "knowing with foresight human beings would come to exist"

Seems to go quite a bit further away from Traditional teaching that Humani Generis, to which Adam's soul is not something that "would come to exist" but which God created directly.

2:58 Ussher basically repeated Bede, if I may trust CMI on Ussher (they are a bit biassed for him).

George Syncellus and St. Jerome had done the same thing with LXX based texts. Julius Africanus nearly agreed with their total for Genesis 5, 2262 years instead of standard 2242 years.

Syncellus had and St. Jerome lacked a Second Cainan in Genesis 11, and the chronology of St. Jerome made its way via Historia scholastica to the Roman martyrology.

3:06 "only to record who people's ancestors were, they can't be relied upon to date" ...

1) why do they then mention ages?
2) how many other infos actually directly given in the Bible are not reliable either?

4:22 "YEC were actually very novel and came about in the 20th C."

YEC was the sole player in the field up to Lyell, in 1830. 1838 - 1896 the three Catholic schools were YEC, Day Age and Gap Theory. See the article on Exaéméron by Fr. Émile Mangenot, SJ, 1920 (Dictionnaire Apologétique de la Foi Catholique? Dictionnaire de Théologie catholique?), when he ditches all three and invents, de novo, a kind of Framework Theory.

Sts Augustine and Aquinas were YEC.

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