Wednesday, June 8, 2022

In Tribute to Peter Kreeft

Dr. Peter Kreeft | 10 Lies of Contemporary Culture | Commencement Address at Franciscan University
1st June 2022 | Franciscan University of Steubenville

4:52 The devil is not "evil itself" but the most evil with the second most evil being the Antichrist.

With all my loathing for Gates works to promote child limitation (by perversion or by murder) and for his move of shutting down the MSN Groups in February 2009 (my group Antimodernism was one victim in a wood of victims, you know "the broken sword" in Father Brown), I think someone else has better numerological and even carreer wise reasons to be best suspect. For the moment, many Ukraineans would agree with me.

7:32 Are you speaking of this publicity? Here:

I happen to disagree on what a certain pop song has to do with Hell.

Those who damn themselves, they certainly at a level tried to make it their way, but Satan made sure to streamline them before they got damned.

Speaking of Satanic streamlining, prayers for me getting out of such situations would be appreciated.

And those who get to Heaven can as easily echo the song by keeping the rhythm and saying "God did it my way" ... what martyrdom could be more Eustace than the one where they ended up (he and his) as hunted stags, after he converted when seeing a cross and a crucified man between two antlers?

12:11 It is even more remarkable if you include singulars in your search. So what did I do?

49 verses found, which contain this word. inimicus, nom sg
86 verses found, which contain this word. inimici, gen sg / nom / voc pl
8 verses found, which contain this word. inimico, dat / abl sg
23 verses found, which contain this word. inimicum, acc sg
1 verse found. inimice, voc sg (Acts 13:10, St. Paul adressing Elymas)
74 verses found, which contain this word. inimicorum, gen pl
66 verses found, which contain this word. inimicis, dat / abl pl
93 verses found, which contain this word. inimicos, acc pl

49 + 86 + 8 + 23 + 1 + 74 + 66 + 93 = 400

400 = Tau = a Sign.

Looking closer at the one verse:

E 69 060 09
L 76 130 15
Y 89 210 24
M 77 280 31
A 65 340 36
S 83 420 39 = 459

Elymas = 459 + 5*32 = 619

S 83 080 03
A 65 140 08
T 84 220 12
A 65 280 17
N 78 350 25
A 65 410 30
S 83 490 33 = 523

SaTaNaS (like vowels lowercase) = 523 + 96 = 619

Like father, like son, right? St. Paul also called him "fili diaboli"

12:40 Our Lady, warrior ... indeed, and St. Gabriel and St. Elizabeth said so.

"Blessed among women" had been spoken to two ladies in the OT, Jael and Judith. As anyone with some culture knows, they were more warlike than Eowyn.

13:25 a hat tip to JRRT is appreciated!
"who condemns escapism? jailors!" (On Fairy Stories, the chapter entitled Escape)

15:09 a hat tip to Chesterton is also appreciated.
Forgot where he said open mouths and minds exist to get food or truth in, then the mouth or mind closes to keep them in. But he said it, or, even better, allowed Father Brown to say it.

[the word of flies and maggots is also an apt word, Dr. Peter Kreeft's addition!]

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