Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Salvation Between Noah and Abraham

Would anyone besides Noah have been saved to eternal life in Heaven between the time of the flood and the time of Abraham?

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Marc Bloemers

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Catholic convert, reading many Catechisms
Just now
Yes, for one thing a lot of the Hebrews. For another, lots of the Gentiles not personally participating in Babel or in (later) beginning idolatry.

Idolatry began a few centuries after Babel, under Ninos, son of Belos, as the Greek version of the royal names go (in fact Nin is Sumerian for Lord/Lady, Bel is Accadic for Lord, Belit for Lady), in the time of Sarug, who himself did not fall into idolatry, but his son and grandson did, and he overlapped 50 years with the lifetime of young Abram.

You know the places like Lac de Chalain or the skeleta like Ötzi? They would have been contemporary with Sarug and out of reach for an early spread of idolatry. This means they would have had if no longer Hebrew language (that went at Babel), at least some scraps of Hebrew theology and not necessarily too much superstition to weigh it down into damning errors.

That said, when they died, they did not go to Heaven, for those escaping Hell and needing no time in Purgatory, since Heaven was closed to c. 33 AD (exact year of the Crucifixion is somewhat debated, Belloc thought it was 29 AD). They went to the uppermost section of Sheol and waited with Adam and Eve, with Noah and later on Abraham and David and lots more for Christ to come down to them. And that’s also where the Good Thief went. Where Lazarus had gone during the 4 days he was dead, and where he had had his conversation with a Rich Man (whose brothers indeed were not converted by his raising from the dead!). Only when Christ Resurrected, He opened the Pearly Gates and up they went, above Moon, Sun, and even Fix Stars, above every part of the universe that moves each day around Earth.

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