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Bible Books + Quora Moderator Abusing "Spam" Policy

Why has no other books been added to the Bible since revelation?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
none/ apprx Masters in Latin (language) & Greek (language), Lund University
Tradition says it was NOT the last.

St. John wrote Revelation on Patmos, his Gospel after Patmos.

If you mean addition to the corpus, irrespective of how wide it was canonised, or recognised as inspired and obligatory on the Church.

If you mean when it was finally canonised all over the Church, it was a few centuries later, because it was one of the books that were debated before the Councils of Rome[1] and Carthage.[2] So, it is perhaps a candidate for being the last book added firmly to the canon.

The Council of Laodicea[3] is the first CHRISTIAN canon including only the OT books Protestants have in common with Jews, at least on level of public decision as it is taken. It is however also a canon that omits the Apocalypse. Whether denial of canonicity is intended can be debated, as it is mentioned as books read in liturgy, but this is probably a technical term for canon anyway.


[1] Council of Rome - Wikipedia
[2] Councils of Carthage - Wikipedia
[3] Council of Laodicea - Wikipedia

So far, so good. I then looked up the Council of Laodicea, and found I had misassessed it.

It actually lists Baruch and Epistle of Jeremias as well. The wikipedian article pretended that "I and II Esdras" were also Deuterocanonical, this is a misunderstanding, it simply means Ezra and Nehemiah, but Baruch is a Deuterocanonical found in Catholic, but not Jewish or Protestant Bibles, and Epistle of Jeremiah is not even found in Catholic Bibles. So, I added a comment about this.

Here is what happened:

The most possibly relevant parts of the spam policy might be:

  • Publier le même contenu de manière répétée ou envoyer les mêmes messages de manière répétée
  • Faire l'une des actions suivantes dans le but d'attirer du trafic vers un site externe ou de gagner de l'argent :
    • Publier des réponses ou des commentaires non pertinents
    • Modifier vos questions pour y inclure des liens ou des informations non pertinentes

I did not publish the same content in a repeated manner, since I was precisely saying I had been wrong about a thing in the answer itself.

I did definitely not add an irrelevant comment, since it was highly relevant, the new info gave even less scope for Protestants to argue a Christian tradition behind the 66 book canon. Whoever had posed the question had hoped that I should pretend that the final words of the Apocalypse banned both adding new books and adding info outside the book texts about their meaning, so as to pretend to a "Biblical" ban on Deuterocanonicals and Tradition. The fact that I actually strengthened the NO to that idea by new info was too much, some moderator was obviously thinking "you already said no to Protestantism, don't add another layer of argument!"

So, someone spam reported my comment, after being dissatisfied with my answer, and Quora just had an algorithm for getting the comment deleted, without further check!

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