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Commenting on Fr. JM and Kennedy Hall

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica: A German Antisemite Prayed for This · Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere: I think one should take a look at this, and hear carefully · Commenting on Fr. JM and Kennedy Hall

Same video ... but now my comments under it.

Two comments were taken down.

1) One about the Yanuka, who basically only repeats what Our Lord and probably also St. Tim did;
2) The other is, whatever you may fear of Lubavitchers, fear it of Putin too:

Putin fires top official who described Chabad as a supremacist cult
By TOI STAFF, 21 January 2023, 8:28 am

6:45 Back when I was a parishioner at St. Nicolas du Chardonnet, I heard it announced from the chancel that one of the Lord's Days of Lent or some other Lenten conference, Rabbi Rivon Krygier was invited to preach in Notre Dame.

I thought, basically, what was the fuss about it, we were in a fasting season, Jews fast too, so he was arguably doing some stuff on how important fasting is, and arguably agreeing with Our Lord on the importance of doing works of mercy while fasting and so on ... that's what would very probably have happened if Church of Sweden (Lutheran heretics) had invited a Rabbi, except they are not all that big on fasting.

I read in Le Chardonnet about the young people from the parish who had interrupted him. "Fine people," I thought, "but over the top" ...

THEN I read what Rivon had himself been saying or intended to say.

He claimed that same thing. Specifically, that the Messianic prophecy of Isaias 11 had not been fulfilled.

I looked it up. It HAS been fulfilled 2000 years ago. The first Church was in Jerusalem, the second in Samaria. (Envy of Judah and Ephraim done away with, check). When fleeing to Pella from Roman eagles, the Church of Jerusalem also came as conquerors, after having conquered equally on Greek ships, notably with St. Paul (But they shall fly upon the shoulders of the Philistines by the sea, they together shall spoil the children of the east: Edom, and Moab shall be under the rule of their hand, and the children of Ammon shall be obedient. Check.). The final verses were a bit dark, but obviously would have been fulfilled when Egypt and Syria / Mesopotamia had Christian populations.

I have been saying this over and over again, ever since.

And in doing so, I have been targetted by people either thinking I were trying to become or were themselves trying to make me a false Jewish Messiah.

Note, I cannot guarantee this 100 %, nearly no one was risking going beyond plausible deniability, and those who were did so on very unobvious occasions, like when stepping out of a bus together, unobvious to others, that is.

6:56 "How can he not be a Jew"

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, back in the time when Hitler contacted him, was claimed to be a descendant of King David. He was obviously a Muslim.

In the early Church, c. 100 years into Church history, some Desposynoi were trying to make a case for Easter on 14 of Nisan and for the keeping of the Sabbath -- by Christians. They were basically told to shut up, and were not heard of. Obviously, they were of Christian confession, and they were relatives of Our Lord, therefore of the house of King David.

7:13 He's also fulfilled it locally, by making the origin of the population now called Christian Palestinians. I e Jews, Samaritans, Galilaeans, of the area, 2000 years ago, who are Christians + their descendants. The Greater Israel so hoped for by Zionists and so dreaded by Christian Anti-Zionists already exists in the area.

Christians of Palestine or Jordan are it. And Jews and Muslims of the area are usually related to them, more closely than for instance Jews from Poland or Bielarus ....

7:48 Sorry, but this is wrong. He already brought a peace that lasted most of the time from 2000 years ago to near the present, to the region, and He already brought more peace than the world had seen since the days of Babel, mostly, to Christendom.

Chesterton describes the Middle Ages as a period when peace was always breaking out. Wars were generally petty, and the conflicts were often settled by mediation by the Church.

That was I think in the context of a Francesco Bernardone being POW during a conflict between Assisi and Perugia and him being free again very soon because the conflict was set aside quickly. Or perhaps in the context of a certain Lord Aquino sacking a Benedictine monastery, and then making up for it by sending yooung Thomas there, except Thomas wanted to be Dominican instead ....

11:10 I am not all that sure that kabbalistic readings into the Torah are Satanism, especially since Yitshaak Kaduri gave the end result about the name of the Messiah as Yeshua, and also some Pentecostals have looked into it and found Jesus in the Bible code of Genesis 1.

19:23 I just heard two Protestant prophecy scholars yesterday, seems Agag (in Numbers 24) means Gog (of the endtimes) ... but another takeaway was, Jesus will come from Egypt once again.

Could it be as restorer of driven away Gazawis?

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