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A few remarks on the video apart my comments. 1) It is mentioned that Assumption of Mary precedes "20th Sunday of ordinary time", meaning 15 Aug. was a Sunday. I just confirmed that this is a reprise of a video from 2021 when actually Aug 15th was a Sunday, 2) Roger Bannister is mentioned — I looked him up, he didn't stay just a sportsman, he became a neurologist. And, 3) the Pope I mention in a comment is ...

Pope Clement XIV (Latin: Clemens XIV; Italian: Clemente XIV; 31 October 1705 – 22 September 1774), born Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli, was head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Papal States from 19 May 1769 to his death in September 1774.

Servants Of God, 14 Nov. 2023

7:06 Chastity has become less possible over the last 50 -- 100 years.

1) marriage before 18 has more and more been outlawed
2) quitting school before c. 18 has also been more and more outlawed
3) having boys and girls attend separate schools from when puberty sets on has also been more and more outlawed
4) add that school pupils are encouraged to get full nutrition and do full physical expertion, fasting is more and more, if not generally, at least for school pupils, outlawed too
5) add music stiles and other entertainment content, like how much of a married couple's life together is shown on TV or films (not meaning X-rated ones).

The sixth and possibly worst, but definitely not only level of it is, how certain outlets other than conjugal sex and fertility are being allowed, which, given the above 5 types of anti-chastity measures constitutes grooming. Abortion, gender reassignment, homosexual relations, contraception, destigmatising certain practises universally seen as shameful, previously. The consequence is of course an aging society and devaluation of pension pre-payments in what is the outcome.

7:32 "nobody waits until their marriage anymore"

In the Middle ages, ladies didn't have to wait to 18.

Certain upper class men who were not only called to be providers, but also even providers of a very upper class lifestyle, were very much not waiting, but went to prostitutes. But I think a shepherd or a fisherman and for farming people at least those who lived on other men's land (serfs) could marry earlier than some of these less than royal but more than just common men.

12:53 There is a seventh obstacle to marriage and waiting to then.

In the Catholic world 100 years ago, marriage was seen as the default, and unless you were pretty overtly homosexual, or had a genital disease, your sexual manners were not a disqualification.

A Pope of the 18th C. gained unexpected popularity in Lutheran Sweden. What had he done? Well, as a parish priest, he had dealt with a man whose "body count" on TikTok would already have been high. If there had been any TikTok back then. This priest, later Pope, told the young man "look, I refuse to absolve you as long as you don't get married and stop this nonsense."

Meanwhile, Catholics have taken an undue cue from holiness churches which devalorise celibacy, and for which trying to get married is kind of default, and getting married sooner or later is kind of default, but who tend to put this off and impose "spiritual growth" before someone is seen as ready to marry. In the sexual area, things like "break the porn addiction first" or "if you can't do good for the no fap ideal without being married, we don't think you can do it in marriage either" ... the matrimonium in remedium concupiscentiae is neglected.

When it came to people with homosexual tendencies, I am afraid, many Catholic machist national cultures were neglecting it even 100 years ago, you'd go back 200 years.

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