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Age of the Earth ...

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How old does Judaism say the earth is?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Catholic convert, reading many Catechisms
Rabbinic Judaism traditionally speaking meant its Anno Mundi years.

We seem according to their calendar to be today 21 Cheshvan 5784.

The traditional meaning assigned to this is “both heavens and earth were created 5784 years ago” …

As a Catholic, I differ, we are in Anno Mundi 7222, since Jesus Christ was born Anno Mundi 5199.

5199 + 2023 = 7222

That’s a reason I can’t have a Jewish wedding, even if I thought a compromise might be understood by God given my circumstances, I would consider the signature as viciated by the giving of a false date. I can’t pretend to be married in 585 AD, even if that would make a great theme for Medieval Reenacting.

Here is the real Anno Mundi 5784:

  • King Childebert II, age 15, takes up his sole rule of Austrasia. A Frankish army under King Guntram marches to Comminges (Pyrenees), and besieges the citadel of Saint-Bertrand.
  • July – Gundoald, Merovingian usurper king, and his followers are defeated during the siege of Saint-Bertrand. He is executed and Guntram stages a triumphal entry into Orléans.
  • The Visigoths under King Liuvigild devastate the Suevic Kingdom in Gallaecia (northwest Spain). After the conquest, Liuvigild reintroduces the Arian Church among the Sueves.[1]
  • Winter – Famine strikes Gaul (according to Gregory of Tours). Traders plunder the people by selling scarcely a peck of grain or half measure of wine for the third of a gold piece.

585 - Wikipedia

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