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ALERT: Archaeological Proof You Need to Get Your House in Order
Off The Kirb Ministries, 4 Nov. 2023

Blessed Feast of St. Charles Borromeo!

3:52 Claimed to be Lot's wife?

7:50 1700 BC "minus 50" doesn't make much sense.

You probably mean "plus / minus 50" = 1750 to 1650.

My problem with taking this carbon date as a confirmation is, 1700 BC, the carbon 14 level in the atmosphere should still be lower than it is now, so there should be an "instant extra age" ... let's recall, Abraham was 99 years at this event, and he was c. 80 years in Genesis 14.

Now, what is the carbon date for Genesis 14? It's actually 3500 BC, based on reed mats used by Amorrhites (mentioned in Genesis 14) evacuating temple treasures to a hiding place when leaving (also mentioned in Genesis 14) En Geddi at the end of the Chalcolithic occupation. There is no occupation of En Geddi between that and the iron age.

This means, a carbon date of 1700 BC or of whenever you think the destruction of Sodom took place, should generally speaking not be a confirmation of it being from that age.

There is a loophole. If whatever struck involved radioactivity, that would contaminate the things hit. Recent things have at recent atomic bomb tests been carbon dated to 3000 years into the future ... so, a carbon date of 1700 BC could be due to:

  • normal carbon date should be older than the real date
  • BUT radioactivity back when it hit makes the carbon date younger than the normal carbon date.

8:37 Another question — Steve Collins and his supporter rather than the Bible, obviously — why is "1650 BC" the Biblical date for Abraham being 99 years old?

Now, the 1859 edition of the Haydock Bible (it's like a Scofield Bible and Catholic) has Ussher's timeline added into below the text.

Genesis 18 for this has Year of the World 2107, Year before Christ 1897.

For my part, I prefer the chronology of the Roman Martyrology for Christmas Day over Ussher (even if Ussher fits the Vulgate). If Abraham was born 2016 BC as it says (Christ born in "1 BC" — most of the year passed by before His birth — and in "2015 after the birth of Abraham" = Abraham born 2016 BC), this would have been in 1917 BC (wonder if that involves some divine remark on Balfour Declaration or Russian Revolution ...). 1917 - 1650 = 267 years off. 1897 - 1650 = 247 years off.

So, why would 1650 BC be the "correct Biblical timing" for the event anyway?

9:25 "people were generally much shorter back in history"

I think that depends on epoch. Plus some can have eroded below her feet or been added above her head.

I find Numeira is gaining traction ...

Speaking of which, is there something going on in the knesset which already makes Jerusalem both "spiritually Sodom" ("gay rights" is being used as an international marketing campaign against Palestinians) and "spiritually Egypt" (how Palestinians were treated leading up to October 7) — or what do you think?

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