Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Future of Young Earth Creationism and perhaps of This Young Earth Creationist

What is the Future of Young Earth Creation?
Is Genesis History? | 22 Nov. 2023

C. 2:00 if you want to get going on what happened after the Flood, accept my carbon 14 table, either in detail (this involves a slightly non-standard LXX timeline for Genesis 5 and 11 -- LXX without the second Cainan), or at least in principle.

Get Neanderthals and Denisovans, unless half breeds with "Homo sapiens" / Cro Magnon race, into the pre-Flood era, get the carbon date of the Flood in 39 000 BP, as per Campi Flegrei, the only supervolcano where we have a carbon date, admit Göbekli Tepe was Babel, so whereever you put Babel has the carbon dates from 9600 to 8600 BC, and place Genesis 14, whereever it is in real years, on the carbon date 3500 BC, as per the reed mats on which temple treasures were evacuated from En Gedi (mentioned as Asason Tamar in the text), work out what carbon 14 level rise is reasonable between the date of Genesis 14 and the date of the Exodus. I think we get a pretty even one if we take Djoser as Joseph's pharao and Amenemhat IV as missing Moses, who got a cenotaph after striking the overseer to death. If you don't directly use my work, cite me as inspiration for your parallel work.

I'm trying to get a livelihood as Roman Catholic and Young Earth Creationist writer, OK. If you don't like to print me, or cite me in papers or videos as direct source, cite me as inspiration, stop trying to marginalise me and my work!

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