Thursday, November 2, 2023

Whatever the merits or demerits of the Muslim female student, Ben Shapiro shows an evil side in the first words to her

I might make another post for another series of comments, myself on the video, but this is where I bumped into two debates. Here are his words, and then comes another one with a cheap attack on University students. He may be right in general, but it is not the right place when he's basically supporting the guest who had said:

"there is no right to return to Tel Aviv, there is no right to return to West Jerusalem"

Ben Shapiro talks about Israel vs Hamas and why he would never support Biden over Trump
OxfordUnion, 1 Nov. 2023

Groovy Baby
The more expensive and accredited a university is, the more insane and ideological their students become.

So true actually.

Patrick Jane
Find the roots of the ideology..

Hans Georg Lundahl
What about their guests?

Right to return ... "there is no right to return to Tel Aviv, there is no right to return to West Jerusalem" ... that's ideologised, it's twisting human rights according to the "legislations" by land grabbers ...

Sadly the students show more arrogance than an ability to engage in a meaningful unbiased debate.

Predetermined minds can never debate

The arguments that were made by the students were just poor, especially the Muslim women. As a libertarian I side more with Palestinian liberation arguments but appeals to death numbers and other claims that may invoke a base level emotional response are not going to cut it.

Wow ya think?
You’re so right. It’s because the root is entitlement!

Hans Georg Lundahl
wait ... @explorewithsandy -- are you confusing "debate" with "discuss"?

"a meaningful unbiased debate.

Predetermined minds can never debate"

A debate may not be a "meaningful discussion" on your view, but a debate is precisely a discussion of arguments and points between two biassed people, trying less to sway each other than the unbiassed ones in their audience.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Which entitlement, @wowyathink5982 ?

"the root is entitlement!"

The one of Israelis who through their knesset grants a legal right to return to Jewish families that haven't been in the Holy Land for centuries if not millennia?

Or the one of Palestinians who by that knesset are refused to return to West Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, even if that's where their grandparents were born?

I don't think these entitlements are equal.

Once there was a Sufi
He was showing his disciple the moon. But the disciple kept looking at the finger.
Master reminded him - to look at the moon, not the finger.


You get my point.
You are more intellectually superior than me. I am definitely more naive and ignorant for not even knowing the basic difference, but you could have got what I was trying to say.
I can get definitions from Dictionary also, but what I won’t get is a Human understanding.

@forex_shark6042 happens when you study
Not to learn but for Brand.
If the mind set of an Oxford like elite institution is same as that of one who has never studied - I guess that’s something to think about.
Someone may be studying but not evolving.
Not having new perspectives or not even being ready to listen and understand a newer perspective is not education or whatever you call it.

Deborah Bluhm
@hglundahl The MENA countries expelled 1 million Jews from 1948 onwards. They don’t have a right to return and even if they did there’s too much Jew hatred there that it would be impossible. If you look into the way Islamic countries historically even Mohammad himself treated Jews you will see why it’s not an option. Palestinians aren’t an indigenous people either. There were no Arab tribes recorded in Canaan or The Kingdom of Israel or Judah. They are the leftovers of the imperial Arab caliphates, Empire and Hashemite dynasty (listed on the Palestinian and Jordanian flags) that conquered and colonised the Jews ancestral homeland. A small percentage of them have Israelite/Canaanite dna mixed with Arab dna and the rest are Arabs that immigrated during the British mandate period for jobs and freedoms unobtainable in Islamic countries

Hans Georg Lundahl
@deborahbluhm8828 "Palestinians aren’t an indigenous people either. There were no Arab tribes recorded in Canaan or The Kingdom of Israel or Judah."

Oh, Ruben through Benjamin were not recorded?

Saul was not an "Arab" of the tribe of Benjamin? David was not an "Arab" of the tribe of Judah? Jeroboam was not an "Arab" of the tribe of Ephraim?

Or do you mean Arabs had replaced all Hebrews 2000 years ago?

Because, the population 2000 years ago is historically where Christian Palestinians, Jewish Mitsrahi and Muslim Palestinians come from. They don't get a different ancestry because they adopt Arabic as language, precisely as having Yiddish as first language doesn't automatically in and of itself make you a Gomerite or whereever you think Germans descend from.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Do you know the difference between debate and Sufi, @explorewithsandy ?

In a debate there is no predetermined master.

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