Friday, May 12, 2017

Does Tolkien Lead to Homosexuality? No, of Course!

If certain Tolkien societies tend to be very inclusive of homosexuals, it might be because one Inkling - a very talented scholar and somewhat of having Christian insight into his fault - was homosexual. He was neither Tolkien nor CSL, nor even a fantasy writer. But probably as courtesy to him, Tolkien societies tend to be inclusive.

This does not mean Tolkien's writings are encouraging such a fault.

But some claiming they do would invoke the example of a Tolkien fan like Rick Riordan. No, he did not go gay himself. Here is what fellow quoran Sarah McLaughlin has to say on him, elsewhere she said she came out as gay to herself when reading one RR, here she is enumerating a few facts, after that I will comment.


What are some fun facts about Rick Riordan?


  • Rick has two sons (Patrick and Haley) and homeschooled the younger one.
  • Rick’s birthday, June 5th, is also his wife’s (Becky’s) birthday and their anniversary. It’s also Frank’s and Grover’s birthday.
  • Rick likes to listen to jazz music while he writes.
  • Rick got into writing in eighth grade—writing Tolkien fanfiction.
  • Out of the Heroes of Olympus POVs, Leo is his favorite to write.
  • Out of all the couples, Frank and Hazel is his favorite (this still confounds me).
  • Rick used to play in a rock band and looked like this:
  • Rick taught middle school English and Social Studies and his students were some of the first to read The Lightning Thief.
  • Rick used to read Greek myths as bedtime stories to Haley, but one day he finally ran out, and Haley told him to make up his own. Thus, Percy Jackson was born.
  • Before writing kids’ books, Rick wrote an adult mystery series called Tres Navarre. His students used to ask him why he never wrote kids books that they could read—until he did.
  • Rick named Connor, Travis, Nico, and Beckendorf after former students.

End quote.

So, is Rick Riordan endorsing homosexuality (which in at least some way he does, painting Nico as a homosexual, I suppose) because he wrote Tolkien fan fic when young?

Or is he doing it because he is into jazz and rock?

Or is he doing it because he taught Social Studies in Middle School?

To me, I would rather blame Middle School! It is so PC, and especially the subject Social Studies!

Perhaps also the pure Greek mythology, as opposed to Tolkien's reconstruction of a pre-Pagan, morally still Christian one.

That said, I don't know to what degree he endorses homosexuality, I only know he happened to help her who answered question to identify herself as gay, and therefore I asked her to kick Rick Riordan.

I am not asking everyone else to do so.

By the way, it seems I was hasty about considering it led even her to homosexuality, she falls in love with girls, but is not into having sex with them:

Are there any gay asexuals out there?

So, no, Tolkien can not be blamed for her being gay, but perhaps rather be praised for her remaining chaste (if true) despite this.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Dominic of the Road

PS, that last answer has been deleted on quora./HGL

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