Saturday, May 20, 2017

... on Fake and Real on Internet, Two Rants

Rant one, by TrixieRabbit, on the video:

YouTube can be cruel sometimes...

Rant two, by myself, under video and here:

[Time signatures are about the place in the video which I was responding to.]

4:39 I wonder how many people who think:

  • a) that I have a manager
  • b) that I am managing a host of ghostwriters writing for me
  • c) that I stole my name and looks from the homeless guy Hans Georg Lundahl and cannot figure out why he is doing publicity for my blogs, you can imagine the rest I suppose.

Hope you don't feel bad about my comparing to my own situation as low paid full time blogger part time beggar.

Some people who never produced content on internet themselves imagine it involves the kind of moves producing content used to involve before the internet.

"It costs money to have a site"

If I wanted instead of it would indeed cost money to hide the "blogspot" part, as it is, I am giving blogger free publicity. Also, I am missing out on some features for layout or things that come with the premium version.

BUT, some are stuck in:

"It costs money to have a site"

Ergo, when I beg I am either faking (stealing from beggars who really need the money, morally speaking) or I am for some reason being manipulated by a lots richer guy than I who is doing the blogging, while I am doing the begging.

Plus the guys who think, when I am doing a polemic topic, it is meant as clickbait.

7:11 Sth which is "clickbait" perhaps, in the technical effect sense, but which might not strike you as "clickbait" in the morally offensive sense, how about trying a world premiere for some of my sheet music, if you or your husband ar playing an instrument?

musicalia : general index

If you just don't like my music, don't bother. But an Italian pianist friend of mine calls it "German" music ... for some reason.

Maybe becase the first piano sonata has a Polish title, but involves a German fugue theme I borrowed from a few centuries back, possibly, as I thought, from Bach (it was in the Fugue training book not in the list of Bach only themes, but in the list of Bach & other fugue composers' themes).

8:43 The only minefield feeling I am getting is "will publishing this on blog even further differ sn else publishing some of my things in payable form?" I often publish anyway.

And I don't have patreon, don't get me wrong, they may be nice people, but I would not like to rely on them.

I have 5000 + articles on my blogs, and ANYONE may start a new republication of ANY of these, from my point of view. A large minority of them have coauthors, like many on the blog assorted retorts, where I will link to this video and also republish these comments, hoping you don't mind. (Just checking, you don't have your full name as channel name, so I am not unexpectedly exposing your privacy by it either).

10:45 Tschüß!

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