Friday, March 10, 2023


'Brutal and Bizarre': Christians Hiding and on the Run as Taliban Afghanistan Horrors Rage
CBN News, 9 March 2023

1:48 As I recall it, the government the West was allied to was also persecuting Christianity.

Convert from Islam - prison.
Bibles - banned in Kabul. Not the countryside controlled by the Taliban, but Kabul. Where our supposed allies were in control.

Please note, when French army was in, they would not have allowed the US to overthrow or threaten overthrow of the régime that was (though more moderately) persecuting Christians.

It has a lot of Muslims. It invoked two tricolores. The flag - and "blanc, black, beur" ... Beur meaning Arab.

So, in that sense, the West was helping to solidify a moderate but still persecution.

6:22 My best option for Christians in Afghanistan - a tribe becomes their ally.

Taliban were also our allies against the Soviet* system, and apparently, "indirect allies" or enemies' enemies against ISIS.


10:06 If the US had Trump, and with no French allies involved in a semi-occupation, I think pressure to allow a Christian autonomous enclave would be both feasible and fairly beneficient.

10 Countries Where Bible Is Banned
FTD Facts, 13 Feb. 2023

7:33 So, Bibles were destroyed in 2009. In Afghanistan.

By a régime we were allied to.

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