Saturday, March 18, 2023

Rohr's Religion is Not Chesterton's

The danger in believing the Bible is not reliable
Alisa Childers, 8 March 2023

CMI has quoted Chesterton, even if AiG is collaborating with Ray Comfort and Chesterton would have said "that's not how you get saved" or "get right with God"' ...

So, just because someone quotes Chesterton doesn't mean he agrees with him.

1:40 "but the cosmos you live inside of"

Case in point : Rohr living inside a "panentheistic cosmos" lived in a different cosmos (mentally) than Chesterton who lived in a Catholic cosmos (which is not panentheistic).

2:20 "you don't need to be saved"

Definitely not a thing Chesterton would have agreed with.

3:39 Chesterton was speaking of the cosmos one mentally lives in.

In other words, he had a different religion than Richard Dawkins, because he mentally lived in a different cosmos than that of Richard Dawkins.

The cosmos of a blind watchmaker and a selfish gene is a different cosmos from the cosmos made by a Trinune God, not because He needed it (each Person having sufficient bliss in the other Persons), but out of generosity. And Chesterton very certainly lived in the cosmos where the Trinune God is self-sufficient and everything else (including oneself) is an extra that God provided to be generous.

Note, at a certain time, Chesterton was not yet Catholic, but belonged to the same Church as Dean Inge.

He was making the point that even then, he had a different religion from Dean Inge. (That means progressive Christianity, in which Christ is supposed to not have made any miracles).

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