Sunday, March 5, 2023

Enemies of C. S. Lewis

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What are some reasons why some people dislike C.S. Lewis and/or his works?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
avid reader back when I had better sleep than now
  1. Some are not Christian at all and hate Christianity and hate him for being (in identifiable, though incomplete ways) Christian;
  2. Some are Puritan and believe he was too lax on certain questions (including but not limited to writing fantasy);
  3. Some are very woke, and believe he was wrong for endorsing monarchy and traditional gender roles - some Leftists who are strongly “Anti-Fascist” would class him as “Fascist” or “Fascistoid” on such issues - even though he didn’t even support Franco - and this would also include Freudians, because he attacked Freudianism;
  4. Some object to fantasy and science fiction in principle;
  5. It seems there are Catholics who would not just disagree with him on certain issues (he was not Catholic, but Anglican), but actually dislike him, but in these cases it seems to be about certain misunderstandings. Some mistrustful of Jews think Lewis means Levi, when it means the same as French Louis or German Ludwig. Some have heard his works were on the Index librorum - they were never on the Index librorum of the Catholic Church, but have been on similar lists used by Leftist Librarians’. Some have concluded that the Inklings were some Masonic Lodge, when they were a group of friends. Or that Inklings wrote with a secret agenda, when they simply agreed to write as Christians.

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