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Karl Keating and "Catholic Answers"

Karl Keating and "Catholic Answers" · Catholic Answers Claimed to Give THE Catholic Response

Here's How CATHOLIC ANSWERS Started! w/ Karl Keating
Reason & Theology, 26 March 2023

Catholic Answers has done so much good. May God bless everyone involved.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I ceased to be overimpressed when I had my account on their forum locked for defending Geocentrism.

2:17 I have a fairly shrewd idea how the Catholics saw Keating's flyer.

Catholics sometimes know Fundamentalists, so probably some of the Fundamentalists complained and some of the Fundamentalists approached from interest their Catholic friends.

The obvious exception to the rule is, Karl Keating himself who to this day confuses the Protestant stances of that Church (including on the Eucharist) with its Fundamentalist stances.

Hence his virulence against Catholic Fundamentalists.

2:39 Was it at the six tracts, the twelve tracts or the twenty-four tracts stage that Karl started attacking Fundamentalism in such items that aren't Protestant, that aren't condemned by the Church (except possibly very recent what he would and I wouldn't call authentic magisterium) and that have been held by most Catholics over the centuries, like Geostasis and a Universe that's thousands, not billions of years old?

Or perhaps the 48 tract stage?

3:10 Ah, by Catholicism and Fundamentalism, the step was taken across that line, whether it was so before or not.

3:54 Now, there is a parallel and opposite story.

In 2001, I had reasons to spend much time in the main library of Malmö (no, I am not a librarian).

I took to forums on the internet, some just for plain fun, like Prancing Pony (Tolkien fans, obviously) and some for debates, like yahoo boards Creation versus Evolution. A similar one on Netscape Boards.

After a time I found MSN Groups, made one, called it Antimodernism.

As one can imagine, it was by a Catholic Trad, that is by a man who represented both Catholicism and Fundamentalism and who therefore would feel misrepresented in both capacities by Karl Keating's infamous book. Which, like Karl Keating himself, I didn't know at the time.

In February 2009, MSN groups closed down. By then I had c. 30 group members, and was unable to have sufficient computer time to transfer all group activities to Multiply. I salvaged what I could to my (3:rd) blogger account. Some of my blogs have "Antimodernism" in the title - those usually are salvage work from the MSN Group of that name.

For some reason, Russia is topmost today, and viewers have gone down.

Russia 190 US 133 France 43
UK 10 Hong Kong 9 Canada 7 Singapore 7 Viêt Nam 6
Three views : Ireland, Morocco, 6
Two views : Japan, Netherlands, Bielorussia, Ukraine 8
One view : Ghana, Indonesia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Australia, "Other" = 8
Total : 190 + 133 + 43 + 10 + 9 + 7 + 7 + 6 + 6 + 8 + 8 = 427

Russia about equal to a few days ago ...

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