Saturday, September 23, 2023

In honour of Tolkien Week

Heroism of Hobbits - Building a World | Hobbit Day 2023
Men of the West, 22 Sept. 2023

9:41 I don't work out like a ton (tun?), but I was in a fight ... with a fairly well trained police man.

His goal:
getting me to mental hospital as the doctor had said
My goal:
taking his pistol to take him hostage to get out of there
he took his pistol back, but before he did, I had shot him in the hip. First trial "putative defense" and second trial "aggravated assault, alternatively attempted homocide, 3 and a half years" ....

I have no real problem living with the three and a half years behind me.

My problem is when people so empathise not with the policeman as much as with the people he was doing the bidding of, that they go "oh no ... giving him prison and releasing him in 2000 was a huge mistake, we need to watch him the rest of his life" ...

Just in case anyone wonders, no, it was not like this:

22 Minutes of Karens VS Cops...
Mr Discovery, 6 Sept. 2022

I had tried to ask police for protection against psychiatric slave hunting.

I did not consider myself above the law, I saw psychiatry thought itself above the law in relation to any patient.

19:03 "how you get out forges you"

If people who think they are decent to you are the guys who want to help you out, it need not very much forge you.

If people who think they are decent to you are the guys who think you need forging, as long as they continue, it doesn't help you out to be forged.

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