Saturday, September 23, 2023

Kevin Responded - On Something Else ...

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Here is a prequel to the video I responded to:

The Bible and Science
Catholic Family Podcast, 18 Sept. 2023

Here is an exchange about what seems to be the videast's editing policy:

5:45 Excuse me, was that priest the reason why I have seen no response from you, either on the other video, where my comments went very much against Rev. Bandas, or the email, where a link to my blog post including the comments, but all of them in order?

Because, I am a writer, but I have trouble getting an editor, and sometimes even readers, and if such priests do that to me, I consider it an evil thing, it is also a devious way to uphold errors (when they existed and were tolerated, sometimes even favoured in the pre-Conciliar world), and it is the main reason why I am still poor and without a family.

I intended to answer the comments by Rev. Bandas in this video too, but will leave that for now, waiting to see if you'll respond to me.

Kevin Gillikin
Reverend Bandas has a book with an Imprimatur, you have a few comments on YouTube... Am I missing something? I certainly don't have time to respond to all comments. If you don't like what Reverend Bandas wrote, take it up with him.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@kevingillikin5264 "Reverend Bandas has a book with an Imprimatur"

There was an imprimatur for The Secret of Lasalette too, which later made it to the Index Librorum.

"you have a few comments on YouTube"

Dealing with the arguments of Reverend Bandas. If the arguments are so interesting to you that you make a whole youtube to promote them, why is the person arguing on the exact same topics, from a much more traditional view, which is also much better up to date about the "science" Bandas tried to accomodate uninteresting because it's the comments of a youtuber?

"Am I missing something?"

Yes, you are.

First of all, if you get into arguments on a specific topic, arguments are arguments, they are not - and I repeat NOT - simply token exchange for the status of the one proferring them.
Second, my position is consistent with Trent Session IV and Session V. That of Bandas was already inconsistent with Trent Session IV, and has at least since then become involved with positions condemned by Trent Session V.

Anathemas are not arguments. They are anathemas. And an anathema from Trent is worth more than an imprimatur for Bandas.

@kevingillikin5264 "If you don't like what Reverend Bandas wrote, take it up with him."

If I don't intend to get to Hell?

The imprimatur was from the 1940's, so he can not be among the living any more. If he repented, I don't need to take it up with him anyway!

[added later, for first comment see the update:]

@kevingillikin5264 I just looked up Rev. Rudolph Bandas.

The bishop giving the Imprimatur in the now archdiocese St. Paul and Minneapolis had been teaching Latin and Greek (my subjects at university, by the way), and probably felt he had to rely for Hebrew on someone different.

That's part of the reason why the Anglican modernist Archibald Sayce could be quoted in this book without any alarm bells ringing for the nihil obstat ...

6:05 Young Earth is not a question of scientifically correct, but of historically correct, since history and not science is the main go to for the past.

It also interlocks on more than just one level with correct dogma.

As for charity, your side is not in a position to exact charity from a writer who has consistently been denied basic justice. By the likes of you.

Jews haven't published my stuff on paper. What a surprise, I just went out calling one of them a lover of lies, because he persisted in accusing Pius XII, and ignoring why he didn't speak up and what else he did to save Jews from at least a lot of discomfort.
Protestants of the Anglican / Lutheran side haven't published it on paper. What a surprise. They are the kind of people whom I am attacking BOTH for the Reformation AND for positions like that of Archibald Sayce, whom Rev. Bandas admired.
Protestants of the Evangelical type probably haven't published it on paper. What a surprise. They are the kind of people who think apologists are pastors, and they can't make me a pastor as long as I am a Catholic.
Neo-Catholic haven't published it on paper. What a surprise. They have CCC and its §283.

But YOU haven't published my stuff on paper and YOU - meaning Sedevacantists in Paris - have also not given any kind of explanation. There really is a surprise.

There really is a disconnect, since you:
  • like me are supposed to be Catholics
  • like me are supposed to believe Dogma trumps expertise in science
  • like me are concerned that an Apostasy is going on
  • like me think that Bergoglio is no Pope.

It was in 2012 that I stepped out of St. Nicolas du Chardonnet and took contact with a Sedevacantist parish.

I tried to take a chat with the priest about my situation.

He wondered if I wanted to make a confession, it was not my immediate concern. I do not think I owe a priest the confidence to have him as father confessor if he's likely to be involved in a gentleman's agreement to keep me back in poverty. The last priest I regularly confessed to was Rev. Xavier Beavais, then a priest in St. Nicolas du Chardonnet. During my years in that FSSPX parish, it was impossible for me to get five minutes of talk about my situation, from a non-sacramental and such viewpoint, I was unable to verify that he was not colluding with people calumniating my mental status and therefore making my situation even more hopeless.

So, I think charity is not what you should ask from me when discussing this topic. Staying on the topic fairly much is - and I usually do. But the previous thing about "grounded" and obeying your priest's opinion of what should be discussed in public, well, and now this one, you make my pretended lack of charity THE topic.


Pope Pius XII named him a domestic prelate in 1955. Bandas was a peritus at all sessions of the Second Vatican Council. He spent the final decade of his life as pastor of St. Agnes Church in St. Paul.

Bandas, Rudolph G.

Well, the 1955 decision is not the best thing Pius XII did ...