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Neither Gay, Nor Gay Friendly

First a warning - this channel is associated with Alpha & Omega ministries. Heavily un-Catholic. This does not preclude the channel owner from sometimes making good stuff — like this video:

Patrick Bet David CONFRONTS Graham Stephen on LGBT!
Fight For Truth, 23 Sept. 2023

Vivat Austria (at least back in my time).

A compulsory subject (in normal government run schools) was Catechism.

Your parents (or sometimes single parent) choses whether you take Catholic or Calvinist Catechism (Lutheran Catechism wasn't offered that school and my mother chose Catholic over Calvinist), or presumably Jewish and by now Muslim as well, but one or other catechism you must have.

As I was partly transbullied simply for wearing long hair (fan of Samson back then), I highly doubt there was any LBGTQ stuff being taught even in higher grades than mine.

2:51 You were influenced into being a realtor ...


Chesterton would have laughed out loud ... he was highly aware of the links between sodomy and the taking of interest (confusion between the fertile and the infertile, "transfertility" if you like).

Not sure if Graham does take interest, but I suppose many do (with martgages), or are involved when people who can't pay interests are forced to sell houses ...

5:32 I am now pausing the video, simply because another video caught my eye.

"25 % of gay people were groomed"

I would say sth like:
25 % (roughly) were groomed by LGBTQ friendly people
75 % (roughly) were groomed by ultra-machism (and gender typicality on the other side too) denying them self confidence as their own sex and meant to attract the other one.

Presuming of course that "25 %" stat was correct.

Romans 1
23 And they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image of a corruptible man, and of birds, and of fourfooted beasts, and of creeping things. 24 Wherefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness, to dishonour their own bodies among themselves.

What exact idolatry are we talking of here?

The first thing mentioned is (actually in Greco-Roman myth) "corruptible man", and it stands to reason Hercules worship could very well be meant.

Take a look at Argonautica, how the author treats the relation between Hercules and Iolaus, and remember that Hercules was supposed to be both worshipped and a role model for real men.

No, Argonautica was not my own field of study when I studied Greek, never came that far, but the man who rent me a room those years did a thesis on Apollonius of Rhodes and how he treated Eros. As he was very disdainful of Christianity, any sort, and particularly Catholicism, perhaps, not very well regarded by his older non-apostate relatives, you can imagine what he would tease me with. I didn't like it, I was not groomed. Still hetero to this day.

Your point about LGBTQ is excellent, and it is also the inverse of some "LGBTQ positive" Atheists' view on giving Christian education. A war is coming on, and an essay collection I just printed was called the French Equivalent to "innocent diversions in the doldrums waiting for Armageddon"

7:18 Zero percent were born with an innate preference for sodomy over the correct sexual act (correct within marriage or relatively correct in sins outside marriage that are not against nature).

Some were born less masculine than what the people raising them considered masculine, and became gay because of lack of confidence.
Some were born with hormonal mix-ups, making dating the opposite sex less easy for them.
The closest to being "born gay" I can imagine is being born with that, with high homoaffaction, with oversexuality. But even these three together don't necessitate becoming gay. If you add a propensity for risk-taking, the likelihood of someone becoming gay is higher, because usually doing so is taking a risk, even subjectively and socially, not just for eternity - but even the propensity of taking risks can be used in other ways.
And some were a) unlucky in a dating game that's set up against them in coeducation and delayed marriage, b) groomed into taking homosexuality as a "solution" ... perhaps because LBGTQ circles offer them a dating strategy.

7:29 no, no, no ... normal people (including normal homosexuals, i e homosexuals who aren't like Caligula or Nero in everyday reactions) are socially attracted to both sexes in different ways outside the sexual question.

The ones who become gay or bi have been taught to sexualise situations which he shouldn't do so with. Or have put up too little fight when hypersexuality forces them to sexualise over the brink so to speak ...

A very interesting take on how forbidding some to abstain from meat can be connected to forbidding them to marry, if you recall 1 Tim 4 ... since abstinence from meat is one of the medicines against hypersexualising.

The LBGTQ groomers also have an interest in forbidding marriage, since marriage would give a normal and licit outlet for enhanced sexual drives.

And they do, and England just raised marital age from 16 to 18 ... as it already was in Australia, while Canada is on the fence, a court or a parent can allow from 16 - which is already too high.

8:46 "get your kids out of public schools as fast as you possibly can"

As a preliminary move, I refuse to go back to Sweden even if right now I am homeless in Paris.

In Sweden, taking children out of public schools is highly illegal by now.

pastor brian
yes stop kids being educated

Hans-Georg Lundahl
or miseducated @pastorbri - I know what Swedish schools tried to do to me ... and what they did, when I didn't comply.

pastor brian
@hglundahl yes catholic schools did this

Hans-Georg Lundahl
No @pastorbri - there were no Catholic schools in Sweden, by now there is just one, but it didn't exist back then.

Municipal schools in Sweden are very secular, and so was (in a somewhat more mellow way, from the adult side, but not totally) the half state owned, half private SSHL. It very obviously cannot have been a Catholic school, when HMtK went there as a boy, since he is constitutionally required to be a Lutheran.

Stop making up stories about me from your incomplete information and wild fantasy and generally, when you lose an argument against me, stop saying to yourself "Hans Georg Lundahl must be very indoctrinated" just to hide from yourself the fact that you lost an argument.

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