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Same video as previous!

2:08 "here in Ohio"

At any given point in Ohio, would you find a pelykosaur under or a Uintatherium over a dinosaur?

Or are land vertebrate fossils found at only one level for each location of Ohio, like I've found it to be in the rest of the world (with a fairly panorama kind of view)?

It depends, if the stratification causes very flat, horizontal lines in the earth it's entirely possible, though unlikely to find fossils from each age "stacked" on top of eachother. But if there are geological events like mountains forming, sinkholes, earthquakes, pretty much anything that can tilt or upset those layers, then even on relatively flat area you might find layers that, while geologically "above" other layers, would have fossils that are side-by-side instead of stacked.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
There is a simpler explanation @tau-5794 .

Fossils are side by side now, because living creatures were side by side during the flood, except in seas, where they sometimes were stacked.

2:27 "like a layer cake" [Grand Canyon]

How much of those layers are due to different marine invertebrates living above each other?

How much of it is due to different marine invertebrates streaming in from different sides with different mud flows?

Grand Canyon anyway does not show numerous layers of land vertebrates, for the simple reason it's mainly marine invertebrates.

3:35 "fish giving birth"

Was it a fish or an ichthyosaur? I kind of remember the latter.

StormCom Donson
Yeah it's an Icthyosaur. Given how he was basically saying that genetics was out of his field of expertise, I'm assuming either biology is not his strong suit and he didn't realize that the icthyosaur is not a fish or he had misspoke about it being a fish, but didn't correct himself since he got his point across.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Thank you, @stormcomdonson1553 !

4:17 "how big does this Ark have to be"

I actually in October 2021 made an essay called:
Ark : empty weight and freighted weight, number of couples on the Ark.

Quoting it:

So, for men and beasts and their food and the tools not specified, we have a weight of between 13,257.381 metric tons and 47,740.844 metric tons, if my observation on the waterline holds water (ha ha).

On the other* post, I had estimated the number of couples to 2032, meaning 4064 individuals, on the average size of a sheep. Now, a sheep eats 7 kg green fodder per day, 365 days. 10,383.52 metric tons for food. How much would 4064 sheep weigh? Tame sheep weigh 45 to 160 kg for the bucks, 45 to 100 kg for the ewes. Let's add the numbers together and divide by four : (45+45+160+100)/4 = 87.5 kg. Let's multiply this by 4064. 355.6 metric tons. Living passengers with crew therefore 355.6 + 10,383.52 = 10,739.12.

So, even the smallest weight available for the animals and food and tools and the walls of the small chambers and so on has 500 tons for tools and temporary water supplies on top of needed animals and food weight. And the 2032 couples I got by reducing an evolutionist's estimate for number of species (taking mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians separately) by only 16, the number of species I thought there were of hedgehogs, but that's actually 17.

ship length 6 km width 2 km rivet-like nail 15 tons. I can show

Hans Georg Lundahl
I already said sth different @themessenger33.

The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits: the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits.

Let each cubit be 18 inches, 5400 inches by 900 inches by 540 inches or 137.16 m by 22.86 by 13.716 m gives 43,006 cubic meters. Let half of that displace water, 21,503 cm water = 21,503 metric tonnes freighted weight.

It can be noted, THE MESSENGER seems to understand Russian or Ukrainean or Serbian ... in fact, when clicking on the Cyrillic lettered channels he's on, I find one each of India, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Great Britain, unknown country but the Y sound was spelled the Russian way, and the rest Russia, zero from Ukraine.

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