Thursday, September 21, 2023

Contra Calvin

Contra Lofton Misdefining Luther to Blacken Trad Catholics with Him · Contra Calvin

A good video:

Calvinism logic: Allen Parr explains why God wants us stupid
Truth With Sue, 3 Sept. 2023

My reactions to it:

If you recall some about European history of the 16th and 17th C., a little less bad in the 18th, and you think, correctly, that Calvinism is Satanic, what camp would you put St. Michael in?

4:38 yes, heard of Kristi Burke ...

18:04 Another problem Calvinists have ...

They think free will and God's omnipotence somehow contradict.

However, God's omnipotence doesn't mean "everything God decrees and only what God decrees happens" ...

It means "everything God decrees, and besides that only what God allows happens"

God being omnipotent doesn't mean He's clumsy.

If you were a giant, able to move a mountain with your hand, you would be clumsy, and you would not be able to move people or cats with your hands without squeezing them to death accidentally.

But God's omnipotence isn't physical strength and no more, it isn't clumsy, so He can BOTH move mountains AND move people into exactly the right circumstances to actually enjoy real freedom.

Flying Max
If God can “move people into exactly the right circumstances to actually enjoy freedom” isn’t that intervening in our free will?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@flyingmax9029 Intervening and stopping are not the same thing.

Yes, God certainly intervenes in our free will, but precisely so that it can be free (ideal example: grace intervening so as to make the will freely chose God's will).

Another good video:

How Calvinists Misunderstand Free Will
Belief Bite, 10 Sept. 2023

Same person also made another one:

Why Non-Calvinists Become False Teachers 🐺🍪
Belief Bite, 10 Sept. 2022

To which I said:

4:14 Look up St Thomas Aquinas and Molina.

The one is ... nearly but not quite Calvinist.
The other is ... nearly but not quite Arminian.

St. Thomas never denies we have free will or pretends grace being irresistible takes free will away.

Molina never pretends God ceases to be sovereign.

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