Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Quora Too?

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The thing is, Labov in his study on Martha's Vineyard actually does make a valid comment (through sociolinguistics) on the local relations between resident locals, older arrivals and newer tourists.

Which for Martha's Vineyard would be a fairly important part of local history./HGL

PS, the problem seems to be related to:

  • Faire l'une des actions suivantes dans le but d'attirer du trafic vers un site externe ou de gagner de l'argent :
    • Publier des réponses ou des commentaires non pertinents
    • Modifier vos questions pour y inclure des liens ou des informations non pertinentes

The problem with this hasty judgement is two-fold:

  • I do not get a penny from Jean Aitchison's copyright, so I have no economic motive;
  • as explained above, Labov's study on Martha's Vineyard is a very good example on how sociolinguistics can help to study local history. And that book, while not identic to the study, certainly contains a good resumé of it as one of the chapters.

So, why am I getting this kind of thing?

Probably, some people in Singapore* are upset about me writing on Christian subjects while, in their judgement, and partly even in actual fact, I am not living a completely Christian life. As a Catholic, I hold my theological knowledge is not affected by even a current state of sin, so, I can still actually write about certain subjects. And then they are doing one thing after another to marginalise me.

Alternative, those in Singapore are the precise persons who do not try to marginalise me, and they are only somewhat weak in defending a proponent of for instance Young Earth Creationism./HGL

* Here are two shows of Singapore dominance in viewership:

statistiques de deux semaines · Jour, semaine, mois, à partir du 15.VIII

Whichever the role of Singapore, someone is crying, with insufficient evidence and unwilling to find out of it's true or not "he's a fraud!!!!!!" - a bit like a certain hysteric lady back in 2010:

deretour : To someone who called me a "scammmmmmmmer"

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