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Answering Caleb Mahoney, Mainly

I made a few videos under a comment, sorry, a few comments under a video, here it is:

The Lost City of Atlantis Was Just Found!
Right Response Ministries | 5 April 2024

Here are the comments:

8:11 [Solon] can't have gone to Alexandria.

Like George Washington can't have been to Centennial, Colorado.

"Founded in c. 331 BC by Alexander the Great,[9] Alexandria grew rapidly and became a major centre of Hellenic civilization, eventually replacing Memphis, in present-day Greater Cairo, as Egypt's capital."

12:48 Posei-don in Mycenaean Greek (tablets in Linear B, with tax collection usually to temples) was Potei Daon.

Potei is probably a dative, fixed because of all temple offerings to that false deity.

Potis or Posis means basically husband or owner. Potei Daon is basically Greek for Baal Dagon.

No qualms at all with identifying Dagon and Poseidon.

15:31 I think Hercules, Theseus and Romulus were all real.

But, as they are post-Flood, they are not Nephelim.

Potei Daon managed to convince Theseus he was his real daddy. Bad move to believe that.

15:44 Men of renown.

This would imply some mythological persons were pre-Flood nephelim.

My pick is Arjuna, perhaps Krishna, a few more. In the Mahabharata.

When I say "perhaps" about Krishna, it's because I think he's Jubal. The "organs" in Genesis 4:21 would be sth like a pan flute. I think he was a normal man, the Kauravas and Pandavas his nephews, and some of them stepnephews, with demonic fathers.

21:31 Adam to Flood. 2262 years.

39:49 I don't think Babel was all that advanced.

Göbekli Tepe.

Now for the debate. Can you figure out which of my comments triggered one? Yes, it was 21:31.

Hans Georg Lundahl
21:31 Adam to Flood. 2262 years.

Caleb Mahoney
That depends on which story, the sumarians say Adam was created (genetically modified) around 250,000 years ago. Of course no one actually knows the truth we just have to piece different versions of the same story together to get an idea.

Hans Georg Lundahl
@calebmahoney2448 There was no Adam in the Sumerian story.

At least not one we have found. The creation of man passage in Enuma Elish is garbled, but the context would suggest, humanity was created as a collective.

The Hebrew tradition is reliable, the Sumerian unreiable. The Hebrew tradition values family, the Sumerian one subordinates family to the community.

Caleb Mahoney
@hglundahl nah the first genetically modified human in sumarian history according to the found tablets was a translated version of Adam of something very similar. Also this creation myth states it happened in Eden. Also known as the garden of Eden in religion.

I will say that depending on who translates the tablets the creation of “Adam” differs. Some say enki sacrificed himself, others say he altered dna of a fetus. Some say it took multiple try’s using different techniques. It’s pretty much accepted that the first attempts at humans couldn’t reproduce.

I’m not saying this is fact I just enjoy talking about it.

@hglundahl the why files on YouTube just had an hour long episode on the sumarians/annunaki this week. Definitely worth a watch but remember none of this information is actually provable facts these tablets including the Bible could have just been the ancients version of a fictional book or story.

It all could be true as well tho which is why it’s an interesting topic imo.

Hans Georg Lundahl
@calebmahoney2448 I'm sorry, you are definitely not citing the Enuma Elish as given in Sacred Texts collection, and if you are into Zechariah Sitchens, I'm so not even interested.

Caleb Mahoney
@hglundahl I’m mixing the 2 of them yes. Why do you believe one and not the other?

Just my opinion but that’s like believing in a god yet saying all other religions than the one you practice are false. All information we have on all of these topics is written or the word of mouth. We don’t actually have physical evidence of gods or nephilim. Just curious why one persons translation is so abhorrent you won’t even entertain it but another persons is gospel. Makes no sense to me considering the source material is from so long ago there’s no physical proof.

Hans Georg Lundahl
@calebmahoney2448 The Sumerian king list involves a list of eight pre-Flood kings, which I would consider as roughly corresponding to the eight kings of Henoch in Nod (Cain to Lamech), with lifespans however corresponding to:

  • take the lifespans of Seth through Lamech (but avoid Adam and Noah)
  • round it to nearest or nearest lower multiple of five
  • express it in terms of Babylonian number system, and read that wrongly as 60 times more
  • interpret it as not overlapping lifespans but instead successive regnal periods

So, the Hebrew genealogies are more distinct (distinguishing the ten person genealogy from the eight person one), more precise (not the rounding found in the Sumerian version), more realistic (not multiplying with sixty) and more personal, speaking of family relations rather than political authority.

The Hebrew account also is unique in describing how languages came to be very different. And yes, there are material remains that can be tied to Babel, I speak of Klaus Schmidt digging under Potbelly Hill, which in Turkish is called Göbekli Tepe. It fits the bill geographically, in relative chronology of carbon dates, and even linguistically, all systems of abstract symbolic expression prior to this being 32 symbols found from Indonesia to Spain or France, all systems of abstract symbolic expression after this showing cultural differences geographically.

I do believe in God. I also believe all religions except my own are false. This is involved in being Catholic.

Note, I do not say all other histories are false as histories. Romulus existed, but he wasn't the son of Mars. Arjuna made a deal with someone, but I would not describe that someone as Shiva, more like the demon Apollyon (the deal made him an excellent warrior, but a Hindu girl has described him as a lousy husband, so, it is likely he lost his soul or at least risked doing so by the deal).

Why I prefer standard translations of Sumerian tablets over Zechariah Sitchens? Same as I prefer Champollion's deciphering of Hieroglyphs over Athanasius Kircher. Grammatical competence is a real thing and languages are real in ways that make them precisely translatable.

The Hindu girl, by the way, was the daughter of an Indian Diplomat, who, as school job in Hindi and Sanskrit, retold the Mahabharata in what amounts to novel form. It has been translated from Hindi to French. An excellent source for the Mahabharata story, if you want to have it shorter than 250 000 shlokas. And perhaps avoid the ritual Hindu connotation.

I hope, this being the umpteenth time someone tries to get me interested in Zechariah Sitchens, that both my answers and the exposure of the dialogue wider than just under the youtube, where it wasn't private in the first place, shows, I am not interested in getting initiated into Freemasonry.

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