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Missing Human Faces in Cave Art?

Creepy Things About Prehistoric Cave Paintings | Enigma Files
Qxir | 29 March 2024

5:32 Perhaps they considered:

a) Adam was created in the image and likeness of God
b) as God was not (yet) incarnate, it was forbidden to depict that?

Like Jews, c. 1000 years plus after the Incarnation (but who didn't agree it had occurred), were depicting a Jewish community as birds, a bit like Duckburg.

6:28 Did that prehistoric cave painting represent a man riding a one-humped camel?

10:36 I stopped the video. Most Venus figurines are faceless. But Venus of Brassempouy and Venus figure from Las Caldas seem to be exceptions.

It could be, the women portrayed -- or the woman and a girl in the case of Las Caldas -- thought this very bad taste. Like didn't enjoy getting involved despite herself in a work of porn art.

"10:39 They were creating art all across the world for tens of thousands of years, I mean they 10:43 were all different people that probably had all kinds of different views of the world, 10:48 and not a single one of them drew a human face? 10:51 Ever?"

What if the Palaeolithic was much shorter than that? If 39 000 BP is carbon date for the Flood in 2958 BC (see Roman Martyrology for Christmas Day), and if Abraham's world, he was born in 2016 BC, when he was 80, carbon dated to 3500 BC, most of these "tens of thousands of years" (carbon 14 years) would be in the former half of the 1000 years from the Flood to Abraham.

Just one of the enigmas that is better answered with a Young Earth Creationist timeline than with a Uniformitarian and Evolutionist one.

"15:48 History has shown that if humans are capable of doing something, then inevitably some of 15:54 them will do it."

Could be a reason why God has preferred human history to be sweet and short, starting 7200 years ago, plus some, and soon coming to an end.

Avoids some atrocities which would otherwise have been possible, right?

aidyn h
schizo in the comment section

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@aidynh5995 are you?

sure they didn't misdiagnose you?

Take a look at aidyn h's channel:

It is really not the first time that people chosing to interact with me over the internet are doing so from empty channels. By empty, I don't just mean, aidyn does no videos. Neither do I. My channel is not empty. I have favourite videos, I have playlists, I have links outside youtube, and some more, and a photo portrait. Not new, but still. But aidyn h has only a ... drawn ... portrait, and a channel name. How many of these channels are done by same person or related ones? In the library a few weeks ago (before Palm Sunday, I think), a teenaged man or boy was standing behind me and looking over my shoulder. I called him out. He did so again, I called him out again, he tried to make a scene pretending I was unstable, fortunately, the personnel didn't fall for it. He gave them a false story about learning how to connect to the internet, he was shown that on a computer in front of me, and soon left. He had a friend with him. They were not French, I'd say Arab or Gipsy, perhaps some tribes of Jewish, what is pretty certain to me is, he wanted to irritate me and provoke a scene which could be used to lock me up "for my own good" ... some people don't like Creationists questioning or directly attacking the Evolutionist scenario, and some don't like people saying Palestinians are Israelites.

Meanwhile, the picture of prehistoric art shows camels being ridden in Genesis is not an anachronism, necessarily.

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