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Can Biblical Recalibration Save the Solutrean Hypothesis?

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To Nathanael Fosaaen, this video's producer, the "5000 years" of Pre-Clovis culture being not very Solutrean and not very Clovis seems damning, but they are obviously not using a Biblical chronology, but a uniformitarian one:

The Solutrean Hypothesis: Retracing Ancient Footsteps Across Atlantic Ice ft. Ancient Americas
Nathanael Fosaaen | 14 Jan. 2024

18:41 "forgot it for 5000 years during the pre-Clovis era"

Not according to my Biblical recalibration of carbon dating. I just make a calculation on it.

Solutrean = 2733 to 2693
Clovis = 2644 to 2631.

Given the post-Flood lifspans were longer than now, all of these blades ("overshot flaking"?) could be from one single artist.

Within the Solutrean 40 years, atmospheric carbon 14 went from 12.3736 pmC to 22.4405 pmC.
Within the Clovis 13 years, from 34.211 to 37.351

This means, the extra years or instant age over all of the period would have dropped from 17 250 extra years to 8150 over the period of both cultures.

Nathanael Fosaaen
BRB. Gotta do a Silmarilion recalibration of radiocarbon dates to figure out if the Solutreans were Elves or Hobbits.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@NathanaelFosaaen Enjoy.

As far as I can see, the Silmarillion recalibration would fairly much coincide with standard calibration.

21:01 The feature common to Magdalenian and Clovis, "the pebble paved floors are 20:52 interesting but the Solutreans never made 20:54 them as far as we know that's a later 20:57 Magdalenian feature" ... well, would fall within the years from 2693 and 2644.

It would also fit within the lifespan of a single early post-Flood artist.

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