Thursday, April 4, 2024

Why Chesterton Was Right

No, You Shouldn't Have a "Work Spouse"
The Comments Section with Brett Cooper | 4 avr. 2024

0:45 There are obviously couples that start out as work spouses, while both are unmarried and who then get married.

Might work best when they are self owning, after a certain tyme, like a pair of bakers.

2:04 Perhaps a reason why:
  • being hired at your work by someone else is overrated, and
  • women being out working is overrated.

Self employment and wives coowners or homemakers.

7:10 Working from home, working with one's actual spouse, working with people of your own sex (supposing you are hetero, which most of us are) ...

So much better than what Feminism has been promoting for decades.

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