Thursday, April 4, 2024

Sir Colin Humphreys Basically Agrees with Me on Last Supper

Scientist SOLVES Centuries-Old Biblical Puzzle About Passover | Eric Metaxas on TBN
Eric Metaxas on TBN | 29 mars 2024

5:21 There are Catholics who have considered "day of preparation" as also describing any Friday, and the meal they wanted to eat as a second evening meal, as to John.

But if you insist on John meaning the crucifixion took place when the lambs were sacrificed for passover, well, there is a solution for that too.

The Hebrew calendar was not precalculated up to Hillel II. It was empiric. There were two tests you had to verify each year.

1) at the end of first Adar, where the wheat sheaves ripe? If not insert a second Adar first;
2) each month, including Nisan, began when the first sighting was made of the new moon.

So, Jesus sighted the New Moon one evening earlier than the Temple did?

8:09 I'd suggest, Sir Colin go back to the astronomer, and take a look, what exact year would the crescent be seen one evening earlier from Caesarea (where Jesus was at the beginning of Nisan) than in Jerusalem.

Especially, if that year coincides with a "temple" 14th Nisan on a Friday and "Caesarea" 14th Nisan on a Thursday.

10:50 I find it possible both Jesus (humanly, but not prophetically) and His disciples could have been thinking they were celebrating Passover the same day as the Temple did.

Or that Jesus had found out (even humanly) and didn't worry His disciples before Gethsemani.

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