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PC Language, Enslavers, Shrinks

This Canadian University is Out of its Mind
Metatron | 16 April 2024

1:15 Is "racisé" in French (non-white) deemed offensive?

2:44 In Sweden I met the term [Caucasian] in an Illustrated Classics from a work possibly American and very probably far older. [By decades]

It was old fashioned when I was a young boy.

6:33 I think "visibility minority" may refer to a minority that is stamped as belonging to itself by visible factors.

Certain noses will say Jews. Certain skin tones, lipp thickness, hair curls will say Black People.

Outside Israel and outside Black Africa, both are visibility minorities. If I'm right that is.

9:26 "enslaver" = "slave owner"?

It's even factually incorrect.

Enslaver is anyone who is pushing someone towards having a slave owner.

Slave owner is sth someone has while peacefully a slave.

Catholic moral theology has at least since Gregory XVI condemned slave hunters and slave traders, but not slave owners, as such.

A secret slave owner in US post 1865 or Brasil post 1888 would certainly also be condemned, but Pope Pius IX would not condemn the Confederacy, which on a legal level (de facto it went down the hill from a certain time on) was not promoting slave hunt or slave trade, just accepting continued slave ownership and buying and selling individuals between people who were such.

I love to make the distinction, because, if you ask me, psychiatrists are not slave owners as much as enslavers, as long as someone doesn't accept the diagnosis and treatment.

So, when I think I have a right to resist them, if they should bump into my life again, is, Exodus 21:16. To me, this verse refers to enslavers proper.

But if some people call every slave owner an enslaver, they might take that reproach on my part as a reproach against continued owning of me already constituted as a slave. They might then cite Ephesians 6:5.

No, I think Ephesians 6:5 would be very inappropriate about someone who's trying to stay free from psychiatry and having his freedoms attacked, like Kunta Kinte on an all too sunny day in West Africa. Defending one's still legal and morally righteous freedoms from enslavers would even fall under 1 Corinthians 7:23. And Exodus 21:16 tells me the offense goes far beyond a slap on the cheek, it is indeed one that deserves capital punishment, therefore sth I have a very huge panoply of rights in chosing my means of resistance.

10:31 Slave owner or master = Lat. dominus.
Enslaver would properly more refer to venalicius or lanista or sth, not to mention I don't know the Latin for slave hunter.

16:32 I'm so reminded of how psychiatrists work ... (also known as legalised enslavers).

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