Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Answer on Fatima

Is the Fatima phenomenon documented in Portuguese history, as told by the Catholic Church?

Answer requested
by Emmanuel Waruko Iriama

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Self Employed at Writer and Composer
Answered just now
What does the phrase “documented in Portuguese history” mean?

There are certainly history books about Portugal which will not “document it”, Fatima apparitions, at least not “as told by the Catholic Church”.

Any Communist book on Portuguese history will either omit it totally, or give it an alternative telling, or quote Catholic sources, but refuse to call that documentation.

It is however documented in Portuguese historical documents, like news paper O Século, unless that one is a fake issue.

We are talking about a phenomenon involving the sun making a sign, and we are talking about apparitions ending the day before the Czar celebrated last time in freedom Protection of the Theotokos, and predicting there would be errors spreading from Russia. To a Catholic, Atheism certainly qualifies as an error, and on that day when Czar Nicolas II was in his palace, sorry, he had abdicated, and Bolsheviks not yet in power and Russia not yet making peace, but losing a war, the prediction was a fairly stunning one.

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