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On the First to Receive Priesthood from Christ (quora)

If Jesus bestowed upon the first priest his blessing powers, who was the first priest? Who was the second?

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The first priests were the twelve disciples to whom He said “do this in remembrance of me”.

It is disputed, I think, whether Judas Ischariot was still there or had already left, so it is disputed whether there were 12 or only 11 first priests. That day He bestowed on them the power to make bread and wine His body and blood.

On ten of them He bestowed on the evening after His resurrection the power to forgive sins. If Thomas got this power from Him or from the ten who had got it the first time, we don’t know (or if we do, I don’t).

The “second” priest as in first priest after the eleven would probably have been St Matthias - see Acts chapter 1.

This brings the number of original priests back to twelve for Pentecost when the Holy Spirit completes their priesthood.

Note, all of them were “full priests” or bishops, the first “part priests” or simple priests might have been the seventy. The difference is, among other things, a simple priest cannot ordain, a bishop can.

Note also, when we read the words “episcopos” and “presbyteros” in NT, it is possible they mean the opposite to now, that is, “episcopos” in Timothy means a simple priest and St John adressing his “synpresbyteroi” means he is adressing his fellow bishops. This is at least the theory of one English convert who became a priest.

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the 12 original disciples where ordained as the first priests of the New Testament at the last supper there is not really a “first priest” among the 12 as they were ordained together however tradition and scripture both tells us St. Andrew was the first disciple to be called and St. Peter was the second

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