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Lamechs, Henochs, Hindoo Epics (quora)

Are there two Lamechs in Genesis? If so, what does each Lamech do?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
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Answered just now
Yes, there are two Lamechs. There are also two Henochs. For each of these names, there is a Cainite one inb Genesis 4 and a Sethite one in Genesis 5.

The Cainite Lamech is father of four named siblings with two wives. To make this more interesting, I consider him to be father of a historical Krishna (the flute player, Jubal) and grandfather of Pandavas and Kauravas (sons of his sons, the halfbrothers Jabal and Tubal-Cain). I am not alone in considering his daughter as the wife of Ham and as the real life Pallas Athena (or one of the candidates).

The Sethite Lamech is father of Noah, therefore grandfather of Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Now, let’s take the Cainite and Sethite Henochs as well.

The Cainite Henoch founded a city. Or rather, was the cause of naming of a city founded by his father Cain. The Sethite Henoch was raptured up to God. To make this more interesting, I consider both Henoch are reflected in the Mahabharata background character Bharat.

I consider early Hindoos after Babel were descendants of Ham’s grandson Rama (also known as Regma) and recalled some of his adventures in Ramayana, and tried to hanker back to pre-Flood days, as recorded by Ham’s wife and Tubal-Cain’s sister, and this is the background to Mahabharata.

Apart from the fact the original Biblical characters were not in fact Hindoo polytheists or Hindoo or Greek gods or goddesses. Even if they became so in the retrospect which is read as long epics in sanskrit in sloka metre.

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