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Church Life and what they Tell Children

In this video, Lemon Lee speaks in general of Christian camp, which she liked, but also of things she now as an Atheist reacts against them telling her. Or talking to her about.

These are, I abortion is murder, II martyrdom and for that matter death, III being prepared to die in general, there being an eternity with Heaven and Hell, "which there is no evidence for".

She finally, IV, asks for listeners' and viewers' experiences of Christian camps and Church life in general.

"Did you go to Christian camp?"
Lee Lemon | Ajoutée le 18 nov. 2016

3:39 Er no ... one should know abortion is murder before one gets into puberty

I think you can see why.

IF you come to that age and IF you are careless and IF you get pregnant, and you don't know abortion is murder, you might under the circumstances of modern society (I just saw bad new from India where supreme court says a husband can't be with his wife if she's under 18, even if she's already 15 - not encouraging to teen marriages, is it?) make a VERY bad decision.

Knowing abortion is murder is actually one way of avoiding the situation.

I know a 13 year old girl in Sweden (a heavily pro-abortion country, like Canada, ok not quite as bad as Canada, they have restrictions after week 12, Canada hasn't) who kept her baby. She left the Catholic Church, though, probably partly for getting some bad looks for getting pregnant in the first place, but the baby was already saved.

In a way, yes, I'd prefer a society in which one hasn't to tell pre-teens abortion is murder - that would be one in which there are no legal abortions.

4:17 In a society where there were neither school obligation, nor school shootings (which have been ongoing over the last century of school obligation), nor other threats of martyrdom, yes, one could speak less about martyrdom to children. But not not at all - after all, most big Catholic feasts are martyr's feasts.

4:34 I am definitely beginning to see atheism as a "death denial" cult or a death tabooing one.

I can tell you about the tent camp (both adults and children) where my ma took me.

There was about Daniel in the lion's den, and about praying to have the courage of Daniel in such a case, but of course, he survived.

Oh, Jesus gave us the evidence - and the doctrine.

Btw, it is that doctrine which did perhaps most to abolish - gradually, over centuries - slavery in Europe.

When Roman Empire converted, as Chesterton noted, it was "as much a slave state as Antebellum South Carolina". In the day of St Thomas Aquinas, when he argues slaves have a right to marry and it is not cheating on their master's property rights to let them chose husband and wife as everyone else, he is arguing a master who would deny them that would be foolish, because there are so few good slaves anyway - and if he knew about the thing, it is arguably because he was born in a territory which up to 1033 had been under Muslim domination, he came to a France where it didn't exist, except locally at Marseille, illegally slave trading.

Why were so many slaves freed?

Because masters were fearing Hell if not being kind enough to slaves and masters were also freeing slaves to get someone to pray for them when they were in Purgatory, just in case they didn't go to Heaven directly.

I already mentioned the camp where I was with ma.

Really small child, very little Church experience. Some I had was simply fun.

Bigger, Evangelical and similar (you know The Walk?) became too Puritan and oppressive culturally.

Also, some sentimental music which hadn't bothered me earlier, felt inappropriate when I was a teen.

I became a Swedish state Church Lutheran, services much more sober. My main experience with the youth group was "great" except for two things. I didn't meet my future wife there and they were against both literal Young Earth Creationism and literal belief in Christ's Presence in the Eucharist. After some time (I had been with "High Church Lutherans" questioning the Reformation) I decided to become a Catholic.

As I had committed a major sin and had to deal with it without the help of Confession, the conversion taking me from 16 to 20, that was a bit of an ordeal, even quite a lot of it. I tried to make up with God by accepting a monastic vocation (which a father confessor might have told me was not needed to be forgiven for that sin), and dreaming of that was also kind of a substitute for the communion I could not yet go to.

So, I had my spiritual life in a kind of ruins and in a kind of ill managed home made self repair when I became Catholic.

I have not reached stability, I have been part time Orthodox and didn't get a stable life there either (I also reacted to a progressive sermon which was criticising Ratzinger "Benedict XVI" for the wrong things, for not supporting condoms), and went back.

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