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Origin of Wheat?

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Origin of Wheat? · Creation vs. Evolution : Cain Did Not Sacrifice Wheat

BBC Documentary : Göbekli Tepe
fromturkland | 8 June 2012

1:27 Some answers probably challenging yours:

Who built it? Nimrod and company.

Skulls found with holes on top of each other were his showing off his being a mighty hunter and finding shirkers an attractive prey.

How did they do it?

All pre-Flood technology was not forgotten and up to dispersion of nations they went back and forth like the élite now go back and forth to NYC.


Probably to get a rocket ramp - which they would probably have fuelled with Uranium, thereby destroying much or even most of mankind in one blast.


2551 - 2511 BC - the 40 years of Babel.

Why is it then dated to 9600 - 8600 BC?

Carbon 14 content clearly lower than now, and clearly lower at beginning than at end (rising, on my view, from 42 to 47 percent modern carbon 14).

3:00 "Yet 12000 years ago was the stone age - a period when people were supposed to live like hunter gatherers"

Upper Palaeolithic previous to GT (already into Mesolithic or even Neolithic) = Flood to Babel.

LXX dates would be either 401 or 529 years after the Flood at birth of Peleg. Five more to beginning of Babel. 40 more = "thousand years of GT".

Obviously, I believe Neolithic saw the recovery, not origin, of agriculture.

Cain had done agriculture before the Flood.

It could be the origin of wheat.

It could also be, the wild wheat mutated from domesticated one when they tried to bring it back after the Flood.

Or, the wild wheat could be the pre-Flood condition of wheat - and the improvement came here.

Actually, it does not say in Genesis 4 Cain had wheat.

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