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Answering Charges against Catholicism in an Otherwise Interesting Video

New blog on the kid: Zionism is Part of the Leopard - Confirmed? · Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere: Answering Charges against Catholicism in an Otherwise Interesting Video

Why Jesus Is NOT Coming Back Until Israel Believes - And How Satan Fights It! (Dr. Eitan Bar)
2nd May 2022 | ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry

8:29 "forbade those with Jewish background to come" ...? [Constantine, to Nicaea]

Reference very highly needed.

As to the usage of some Church Fathers, previously mentioned, it echoes the usage of St. John as narrator in the Gospel, but not the usage of Our Lord in his Gospel.

"and changed the Sabbath day"

Reference for all Christians worshipping on the Sabbath or resting prior to the day of worship prior to Nicaea. Also highly needed?

"forbidding to even have a meal with Jewish people"

I think this was directed to lots of converts from Judaism who would have risked getting drawn back if not.

Similar bans also regard other types of religiously strong minded or stiff minded infidels, like heretics. And before you pretend Albigensians were just good Christians, they were guys who refused to worship the God of the Old Testament and didn't even get the first verse of the Bible right.

8:49 1) First Crusade, 2) Burnt in Synagogues.

1) The crusader knights were not attacking Jews mainly. The Crusader peasants were, especially to get some loot to "finance" their crusade, and Blessed Peter the Hermit (he's just blessed, you may avoid praying for his prayers if you like) actually withdrew from preaching the peasant crusade after he saw that.

2) Some times children were at least purported to have been killed by Jews, the people got angry, and at one point, the Jews were given the chance to leave the synagogue alive if they got baptised, and people who tried to get out would get stabbed from behind - by fellow Jews, who were also killing wives and children before killing themselves, a bit like top Nazis or some Russian Oligarchs, lately. Then the people got so angry, they followed through with burning the synagogue with people in it. I think that was the synagogue of York.

But this was not encouraged by civil authorities or bishops. People who did this could count on at least some kind of punishment. Even if it was small, the principle was upheld, such things were not to be done.

And sometimes authorities also managed to stop this.

9:00 "Twelfth to fifteenth C, Catholic Church would force Jews to convert to Christianity" ...?

1) The dates you give in English spell out as 1101 - 1500 - are you sure that is what you mean?
2) Certain Inquisitions started about 1200 and were mostly done by 1400, this is the case with the Inquisition in France, the target were Albigensians, not Jews, Albigensians who were baptised and who had then gone back on their baptism to adher to a heresy stating Satan created the material world and human society, and all types of things in society : civil authority and marriage are not just corrupted by Satan, from time to time, they said, but they said he was the inventor of these things. Secondary target were the Waldensians, a bit like Lollards, and in France the Inquisition petered out when only they were left. I think some of the last Waldensians to get burned in what's now France were so burned at Arras, which was under the English crown, with the English, fairly national, Inquisition, and targetting, due to English ire, Lollards and their likes Waldensians for simply being felt to be anti-social, among heresies, serious enough, but less so than Albigensianism;
3) The Spanish Inquisition lasted from 1492 to 1820 - 1830 (depending on part of Spanish Empire). One of its targets were Crypto-Jews. People who pretended to have converted and hadn't. But as to forced conversions, no conversion from open Judaism, as far as recorded history tells us, was made by the Inquisition, it was the Crown who gave Jews the choice of exile or conversion. To some the fear of exile was felt like a death threat, and so this can be in a way considered a forced conversion. Back in 1492 and the ensuing decades.

The Catholic Church has as doctrine, and had back in the 12th and 13th CC. as well, Jews were being kept for conversion in the last days, and were therefore less of a missionary target than other peoples, though of course Catholics that did have a reason to be around Jews were encouraged to do something to convert them. I saw a Catholic very short short list of end times events, there were seven, and I think I can enumerate them:

1) Antichrist is on the scene
2) Enoch and Elijah come back and convert
3) the Jews "en masse" (last conversion in Jerusalem, 7000 people watching them rise from death and up to heaven)
4) Antichrist persecutes
5) Christ returns
6) and resurrects the dead
7) whereupon He starts judging them.

9:08 And no, whether "marrano" does or doesn't mean "pig" (it seems both pigs and marranos have the name from "muharram" = forbidden thing, and both were forbidden by Islam, that religion preferring obviously dönmes) it wasn't the Church which gave them this nickname.

The Portuguese conversion was very much forced - and also an entirely political move.

1497 a king forced the conversion - 1536 Portugal had an Inquisition. 40 years later.

I saw about it in the library, and that one was atrocious - so was the will of certain Jewish parents to kill their own children.

9:16 Martin Luther was in fact fairly pro-Jewish while a Catholic and became anti-Semitic after his so called Reformation, which I, as an ex-Lutheran of partly Jewish origin, prefer to nickname a Deformation : he deformed Christianity.

10:24 As you know the name of "bishop Berning" you also know he was a non-Catholic, right?

10:38 What is the name of the "bishop" Robert who "admitted" the following?

12:56 We certainly see Jesus as dead, as having died, on the Cross.

We are a Church who say "we are a widow, we were born as a widow" - if the Church came of age at Pentecost, it was born of Christ's side when He died, so the Church is born a widow.

This would perhaps help to distinguish the Church from certain other entities ...

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