Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Bridegroom 45, Bride 14

14-year-old Girl Married an 45-year-old man. What would happen to the poor little Bride?
9th April 2021 | JIANG ZI MOVIE

In the European middle ages, a bride of 14 could certainly marry a man of 45 at times, and even be his third wife.

But women's worth was not in being a wife and bearing a son to the exclusion of everyone else. (everything else, sry).

If she was a third wife, two wives would be already dead, often enough from childbirth. And girls who didn't want to risk that had an option of going into the monastery. Option, not enforced punishment, as with the adulteress female servant in this picture.

A daughter of the Habsburg Emperor married at 26, because a marriage she didn't like had been arranged for her. She kept saying "I don't like him, I'd rather go into the monastery" and she finally got another husband, probably she might have preferred the monastery even over him, but he wasn't as bad and the imperial dad didn't want to miss out on the opportunity of an alliance through a daughter.

There is a superficial similarity between Confucian feudal and Catholic feudal, but it is - superficial.

Obviously, I disagree with the ideology behind the expression "reproduction machines" ...

Eve was called Eve, as mother of all living.

She was also promised pain in childbirth (few exceptions since then) for her sin.

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