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Two Videos Featuring Shrinks

5 Ways to Know if Your Parent is a Narcissist w/ Dr. Matthew Breuninger
5th May 2022 | Pints With Aquinas

6:25 People who look for a pervasive pattern in this will find it.

I have a low opinion of mainstream academia? I think I can contribute to overthrow a paradigm?

Well, I must have a very high opinion of myself, mustn't I?

It couldn't be I simply have a very low opinion of certain academic paradigms?

It couldn't be that I took them on, partly as a hobby and partly because I knew where my enemies were in Sweden?

Well, if you pervasively look away from explanations like that, you will pervasively find patterns of narcissism in me.

With 1270 readers in France, per day, how many are doxxing me for possible signs of narcissism?

There are obviously other contexts where a pervasive dissatisfaction with someone will lead to pervasive attempts to document a pervasive pattern of grandiose self esteem and so on ...

This is not science, because this is the thing that enemies can find if they want to.

10:30 In Sweden it's the other way round.

You excel because you like a subject (and I did not excel at other subjects) - and you get bullied for it, by people who excel not at all or less at that thing.

OK, if you excel at PE, you won't get bullied for that, and probably not hard science either, but about nearly anything else ...

The explanation here towted is likely to acerbate bullying of pupils that excel.

How many don't feel they have a free pass on bullying a narcissist?

11:07 How many would be trying to document that, if I, when I beg, busk, when I busk, I do that with showing my blog URL's?

I do not get anxious at such a person not taking my story, I am irritated at getting my time stolen by a jerk who wants to prove I am a narcissist.

If he simply isn't interested, I'm fine with that, as long as he doesn't feel an excessive need to chat in a very empty pretense, most of the time, to make my acquaintance about other things.

The blogs are what I offer for the money. Telling me that gesture is narcissistic is not therapy, it's robbery of my actual livelihood and of what I hope to get done to get off the street.

But in a psychologic and psychiatric setting any irritation can be analysed as masked anxiety ...

Therapy Went Woke — and It’s Destroying Lives | Guest: Dr. Sally Satel | Ep 611
Allie Beth Stuckey

11:10 "we are wired that way because of evolution"

A very pervasive supposition when it comes to behaviours, on the part of shrinks.

1) evolution happened so and so, and that (not God in Genesis 1:26!) made us human;
2) such and such a thing was good for the process;
3) and it's getting dysfunctional now ...

I have seen this applied, 1) here, to negativity, 2) by chaplain Johannes Schwarz on being mistrustful of the unknown, 3) by the well-known Evolution promoting Atheist Jacques Monod to the presumption "there is a cause" and then inventing spirits and gods in relation to that bias.

Sally Satel may be a delightful person (and as all psychologists and psychiatrists have a talent for appearing so to surroundings of patients, I cannot guarantee she seems so to every patient). But she is also a proponent of an ideology which at its base is neither Christian nor even Humanist, in the old sense of the word.

11:40 "we want to get rid of the hallucinations and delusions and that kind of thing"

Oh boy ... hallucinations outside dreams and dreamlike conditions identified as such are obviously bad, but "delusions" is - so open to what constitutes one.

I have seen people talking of Pope Michael as having a "delusion of grandeur" for thinking he is the Pope.

Now, if he had imagined, somehow, he had been John Paul II (at birth Karol Wojtyla) in a previous life and were now still in a rebirth (with time loop) entitled to the papacy accepted by Karol Wojtyla in 1978, if any, first, I would not consider that a delusion of grandeur, but of horrible self denigration, like he's not kissing Korans or bowing down to Buddha's ... but that's not his deal.

His deal is:

1) Karol Wojtyla on several issues showed he was no longer a Christian or didn't care to show he was one;
2) therefore the "ongoing" Wojtyla "papacy" was not such a thing, in 1986 with the Assisi prayer meeting;
and these tenets are shared by lots of Sedevacantists who do consider him a loony
3) therefore a papal election was a duty, if it couldn't be had by ordinary means, like a camerlengo convoking a conclave in Rome, it could be had by extra-ordinary means, like a Sedevacantist layman in the mid West reminding of the fact and proposing a date
4) and the fact this was ignored doesn't mean it was a worthless idea, it means whoever came out of that mini conclave was the Pope, and it happened to be he (5 votes for him, only his own vote went to someone else).

He has never tried to pretend things happened in any more grandiose manner than that - he just thinks that is adequate.

Even if you think that ridiculous you have no right to conclude he's delusional from his believing that.

And obviously, if I present a proof that C14 could show the dates it does within the Biblical timeline, someone who's into Evolution can always pretend it's delusional on my part to not bow down to the "scientific consensus".

13:04 "they need a lawyer, not a psychiatrist"

What happens in a society where lawyers consistently invoke psychiatry? People who need lawyers get psychiatrists.

15:01 and then there are the people the shrinks do not want to exonerate ...
Like, in some cases, to exonerate those who are in some way victimising them?
Like, in some other cases, to push a Charles Spurgeon on someone, if they are of a Puritan mindset and consider Catholicism and Chesterton and alcohol - in moderation even - and C. S. Lewis and Tolkien as traps of damnation, or if they dream of getting a good pastor once someone has been sufficiently humbled and so on ...
Like in some other cases because there is a Jewish relative of the person who thinks his remaining Catholic is a mental disability?

But of course, it could be seen as delusional of me to imagine I could be in the intersectionality of these categories ...?

21:02 Doctors don't get to spend enough time with the patients ...

Perhaps because of overdiagnosis, in relation to diagnoses needing forced treatment? Or over-deciding treatment for diagnoses that don't really need them?

If 95 % of the people were doing farming, without tractors but on their own ground with their own horses, getting a job in your venue is not a horribly daunting problem - if I can Latin at all in the Middle Ages, I have a job, basically. In the relevant part, that is, namely Early Middle Ages, since at Classic / High and Late Middle Ages you get the "lost academics" who write poetry while straying around the land and who were known as Vagants or Goliards.

If farming is down in 10 % or 5 % because of tractors, if other jobs that are necessary for livelihood are similarily rationalised, there is kind of a rush to the other jobs and one of the ways to eliminate a rival is saying "look, he's mentally ill" and one of the ways of keeping job for both yourself and your colleagues is saying "fine, we buy that, LOTS of people are, LOTS of people need our services"

If very much fewer people got diagnosed in ways involving them having to spend time on mental hospital or in therapy, there would on the one hand perhaps be fewer doctors too, but on the other hand a few of them might get some more time with the patients.

It irks me with a certain kind of conservatives, they don't like federal services to put money into the pockets of poor people not at work, but they do want federal services to put money into the pockets of psychiatrists, who often work with people who didn't consent to that involvement.

25:55 How can a person in the street regain full self mastery, if the situation is very mastered by others, who think
1) his self mastery is in tatters
2) it is their task to weave it into a tapestry of self mastery?

Basically, everything I do can be construed as others needing to take some kind of responsibility for me.

My stomach - that is digestion - is actually in tatters, I overeat, over stress, sleep privations, and overeating makes my sleep less sound and the inevitable and stinking result gives some people around where I am an extra excuse for:
1) stating I can't be trusted with living in an appartment (even if my family has provided enough for paying about a year's rent)
2) that my professional projects (like my writing concretely) must stink as well
3) that they have to take more responsibilities for me from me and onto them, which gives them an opportunity for applying even more stress, just to give me a little "wake up call" on Monday, a little "reality check" on Tuesday, give me therapy against my narcissistic tendency on Wednesday, check out I live in the physical world on Thursday ... which obviously does tend to ruin my stomach, as said.

Regina Ford
What happens to your life when these guard rail from family are removed?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Regina Ford I was wondering what comment of mine this was under.

It so happens, I was in a library, where I could read your comment in the mail, but when clicking "reply" could not access comments under the video.

The one "safety rail" I even mentioned from my family is them providing so much money I can afford an appartment for a year. Did I state I wanted that removed?

As for the rest, I wonder how you can even imagine qualifying such dealings as a "safety rail" and also on what grounds you presume it was from my family.

Supposing some shrinks are actually involved and continue delaying describing me as sane because they enjoy the power, if they get thwarted, it could mean bad times for them - process, papers, or my blog exposing them. You are aware of how such people would describe me if I say that? They would obviously use that as another excuse to keep me under their "observation" or "protection" or whatever.

And supposing this meant my going against some family member with which I have had no or barely any contact for decades, but who nevertheless supposed my Christian religion qualified me as schizophrenic or "under someone's sway" or whatever, along with my distance from Judaism, and from Protestantism (Christian = Catholic in my book) ... there are some who would, Jordan Peterson wise, describe such "destructive feelings" against family as a sign I can't.

With this kind of unilateralism, how can a man get his rights back?

But, I can say this. No one in my family has actually stepped up and admitted candidly having put this kind of thing in place, so, why would you presume it's from my family in the first place? To me, that suggestion is the maximum miserable possibility of explanation. Why is it your first guess?

@Regina Ford And as for the question.

On the morning of Holy Saturday, I was kicked on the head. More than once.

The one who had done so asked "t'as encore un problème avec moi?" more than once. Shouldn't he have asked "what happens if I cease kicking you?" instead?

The answer on what happens if these "safety rails" are taken away is, perhaps I can get into other situations than kicks on the head, for one.

26:22 If someone is upset at the way I do act, like argue, in writing, available on the internet, that Catholicism is not even fully compatible with Evolution, let alone Evolutionist, that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not a Catholic and hence not a Pope, it is obviously a boon for him or her or them to dream of my feeling constrained to so write, and hoping I get a perspective I could do other things, like gardening 4 h a week ... with a study debt of 40 000 €, that's not an option. Even if I get all or most written off at 55, it would still stamp me as a bad payer. Possibly due to a diagnoses which would exonerate me for exactly that payment, but deprive me of so many freedoms for the rest of my life ... I prefer working at something that has to do with the luxury production known as intellectual entertainment (aka essays in my case)

But the same people would hardly like me to teach Medieval Latin at University either, would they? If I write "rosa, rose, rose, rosam, rosa, rosa" it's because my Latin is too bad to write "rosa rosae rosae rosam rosa rosa" and hence one could hardly confide me with both Latin and the added complexity of Medieval such ... never mind in the Middle Ages they actually did write the genitives and datives as "rose" along with plural nominatives and vocatives.

26:47 [22] But the fruit of the Spirit is, charity, joy, peace, patience, benignity, goodness, longanimity, [23] Mildness, faith, modesty, continency, chastity. Against such there is no law.

There is continence and there is continence. There is the incontinence of a person who never can wait to when he gets to the toilet - and there is the incontinence of someone whose continence physically fails along the last 100 of the 500 meters he has to get to the toilet when the parks are closed.

That's more than Israelites had to walk to get outside the camp!

Here is from my calculation, and it presumes the relief excursion was further out than the mannah field:

"And, add into this that the camp of Judah need not have been a square, if it was a rectangle, the way out of the camp was arguably shorter still. Let's assume proportions were 1:2, this means 1.4 times as long, and 1.4 times less broad, and the thickness of the mannah fringe is also lessened. 368 meters before you can sit down."

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