Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Etsy and Yanki

Jewish Girl Is Forcefully Married To An Elderly* Guy, So She Leaves Home And Runs Away
23rd Febr 2022 | Pink Movies

* Actually, Yanki isn't elderly, he's about Etsy's age.

In Catholicism, there is no such thing as a forced and valid mariage.

Arranged, yes, forced, no.

And meeting is considered not just OK, but normal.

What was St. Francis of Sales saying about temptation and sin?

"Just as a maiden, as long as she says no, isn't married, so a tempted soul not consenting isn't sinning"

Btw, his mother married at 14 a man either 40 or even older than that - but they had been seeing each other since she was 8 (seeing in parents' presence, not touching).

I think the idea of not seeing each other before the wedding night has two roots.

1) If our ancestor Juda was born of a wedding where Jacob only saw Leah after trying to marry Rachel, why shouldn't we make parental arrangements like Laban? Well, what about Joseph, who was born of Jacob's marriage to Rachel?
2) The sons of God seeing the daughters of men, that they were fair, took to themselves wives of all which they chose. - God didn't bless that. But the problem was not the fact of a personal choice (see Jacob with Rachel), it was the fact it was unilateral. The sons of God here probably means angelic beings.

Alternative reading - sons of God is Seth's godly line, and daughters of men are some ungodly line (Cainite or other) and the problem is choice outside the true religion. Jacob was also obedient about not looking for a wife where he was living, among Canaaneans.

Please note, as Catholicism is the true religion, I'd be making that exact mistake if I married someone of Jewish, secularist, Muslim, Calvinist, 7 Day Adventist or so on and so forth convictions.

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