Thursday, May 12, 2022

Göbekli Tepe mentioned by Answers in Genesis, I promote my take

Right at the start at the video:

Evolutionists Have a Bold New Claim
9th of May 2022 | Answers in Genesis

Hans-Georg Lundahl
As indicated in the chat, I disagree on "post-Babel".

Interesting Tim Chaffey and at least most on CMI consider Babel lost and some time in the palaeolithic, probably, some other guy, an archaeologist ... Douglas Petrovich considers it was in Eridu, both miss the option Göbekli Tepe was itself the city of Babel.

So, Graham Hancock, a fairly New Agey guy who takes carbon dates at face value, noted Göbekli Tepe starts at a carbon date coinciding with Plato's or Solon's date for Atlantis, but on top of that, he believes ancient alien astronauts (along with Atlanteans) came to help previous palaeolithic population built it. His argument for aliens is among others, some things look like rocket launches. Now that would also fit with Nimrod being an ancient aspiring astronaut - which would figure if "a tower the top of which might reach into heaven" were meant as much as a three step rocket as it sounds to my modern ears.

Lubosh Camber
What on earth you just compiled here 😳

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Lubosh Camber A theory that we have found, physically, the city of Babel and that we have identified, in type of artefact, the tower of Babel AND solved a theological problem (if God freaked out over a clumsy skyscraper, why is He allowing rockets) AND got a good both geography and carbon date for Babel : West, not South, of Landing Place, between Flood and Genesis 14, which also can be identified as to carbon dates.

I hope that answers your question?

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