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Abortions Out - Marriageable Age Down

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Abolitionist movement
The abolition of abortion, without regulation, is what we are after.

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Joe Foss

Other than voting to criminalize abortions, what do you do that is "pro-life"?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
none/ apprx Masters in Latin (language) & Greek (language), Lund University
I advocate or lobby for lowering the marriageable age and for restoring business models with more people and less machines doing the work, so it’s easier for young parents to get a living.

Kevin Lawson
Lowering the age of marriage is the goal of child molesters who prey on young girls and want to get around statutory rape laws. I’m hoping that your answer was intended as a joke, however inappropriate it is.

I answered twice
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Hans-Georg Lundahl
It is not.

It is neither a joke on my part, nor a goal on their part.

This urban legend serves them very well, and their real goal is to keep marriageable ages high and their affairs with young teens secret and sordid.


Hans-Georg Lundahl
As you posed me a question, and I answered it, let me pose you one.

High marriageable ages 18 or 16 came to the US in an era called The Progressive Era.

A few decades later, you have soaring abortions, illegal ones, pretendedly eugenic ones, then Roe v. Wade, you have contraceptives, and by now gay marriage.

And also, between then and now, you get gangs of either child molesters, or more commonly “legal child molesters” actually not into prepuberal children (but I repeat myself, child means before puberty), who do their advocacy to abolish - not circumvent but abolish - statutory rape laws and who do their networking to keep illegal affairs undetected, therefore infertile, non-married, and secret, which secrecy opens up to lots of other abuse.

Do you seriously think this is a coincidence?

In 2006, France changed marriageable age from 15 to 18 for girls too and seven years later gay marriage was voted. The dates are eerily similary: 24.III in 2006, 23.IV in 2013. Do you think that is a coincidence? Do you think gay marriage could have been voted if parents had been afraid girls of 15 should get “married” to female teachers in the anti-life and therefore anti-normal-sex atmosphere the teens are de facto in?

Kevin Lawson
Sounds like you are advocating marital enslavement of teenage girls and homophobia, but it is hard to tell what your point is and I don’t want to try to untangle this or engage further.

Obviously he is advocating extra-marital enslavement of teenage girls, whether in schools or under teen-perverters (something more appropriate than "child molesters" to call people like the ones he seems to think of).

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