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I like being upfront on things...

... where Allie Beth Stuckey either isn't or is somewhat ignorant. Unless the deletion of the comment happened by someone abusing admin status at the cyber.

Giorgia Meloni vs. The Globalists | Ep 684
26.IX.2022 | Allie Beth Stuckey

0:16 I am sorry, but if the one raided was a pro-lifer, the FBI were not acting like Fascists. More like Bolsheviks.

One of the things I like about Il Duce was, provoked abortion was a criminal offense. A mother doing it on her own : 1 to 4 years. With medical assistance : 2 to 5 years. If she was either forced, or could (being under 14) be presumed to be so forced : up to 12 years for the one forcing her. Dito for the one misguiding her, if she was for instance a case of Down's (I knew one over Silverplanet, a Swedish site, who had had sex with someone in the hospital or whatever, and had been pushed to abortion and to accepting this as only getting rid of a lump of cells, besides she wasn't worth being a mother - in Italy that personnel would theoretically have gone to 12 years of prison under Mussolini).

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"With medical assistance : 2 to 5 years." - Both for herself and for the doctors.

2:02 Accentuation was fairly OK, but GI before vowel in Italian is like English DJ, not like French J.

7:24 He was a Catholic commenter. A content provider like you and I. The level of Catholic Theology that G.K.C. had was:
  • 1) enough to make his conversion;
  • 2) amateur curiosity.

He left university without a degree. He did provide good insights into St. Thomas' proof for God, and like most contemporary Catholics, unlike St. Thomas, he takes as most evident approach "being" (third way) rather than "movement" (first way, and the most evident one, to quote St. Thomas). In his book about St. Thomas he also provided very valuable insights into who St. Thomas was and why his theology should concern us - among others as a defense against thoughtless non-logic from experts in Science. But he did not take a degree in Catholic Theology at Steubenville. By profession he was a journalist, and he left the Yellow Press when it didn't allow him to take Jewish Networking into consideration in the Marconi Case. That day he had enough of being censored by his editor and he founded his own paper.

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Not saying he founded the own paper same day, it took some paperwork, like getting fired over an insult in a novel.

7:53 Or astronomy. I defend Geocentrism because:
  • 1) it is obvious to our eyes;
  • 2) any rational objection to taking the eyewitness of our eyes at face value, ultimately starts out with a denial of God and angels.

8:22 Chesterton, C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien on the situation in Spain.

  • 1) Chesterton was for the election of Gil Robles and against the Red Fascism (he actually uses the word, somewhat indelicate to Il Duce, but perhaps not any longer by then ...) of Caballero;
  • 2) C. S. Lewis was unduly worried that Franco would persecute non-Catholics
  • 3) J. R. R. Tolkien, usually a fairly close friend to previous, was annoyed at his friend buying that kind of Leftist Propaganda.

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18:57 Marine Le Pen somehow wasn't a win for feminism either. Go figure ... she didn't get elected in the highly feminist country I am living in.

What are "post-Fascist roots"? Well, the word isn't meaningless. It can be tested.

You have people calling themselves Fascist now, namely in Casa Pound. But as they call themselves "Fascist" they cannot really be labelled "post-Fascist" - but at a certain point, MSI can:

// Il Movimento Sociale Italiano (MSI), dopo il 1972 Movimento Sociale Italiano - Destra Nazionale (MSI-DN), è stato un partito politico italiano, d'ispirazione neofascista[10][11][12][16][17]. Successivamente si è dichiarato post-fascista, fino ad assumere posizioni affini alla destra di stampo conservatore[18], sebbene sul piano economico resistessero delle tesi anti-globaliste[19] legate all'idea corporativa[20][21], scettiche verso il libero mercato, come dimostrato in occasione dell'adesione dell'Italia al trattato di Maastricht[22][23] e delle privatizzazioni di Amato[24]. //

// The Italian Social Movement (Italian: Movimento Sociale Italiano, MSI), renamed the Italian Social Movement – National Right (Italian: Movimento Sociale Italiano – Destra Nazionale, MSI–DN) in 1972, was a neo-fascist,[6][7][8][9] nationalist and later national-conservative[10] political party in Italy. //

The English version leaves out a sentence saying (to my very imperfect Italian) "successively, it has declared itself post-Fascist, until assuming positions to the right of the conservative lable, and also on the economic level having resisted from anti-globalist theses to the corporative idea, sceptic against the free market, as shown on occasion of Italy's adhesion to Maastricht and that of privatisation of Amato"

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It seems, she was actually member of MSI in (1992-1995).

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