Thursday, September 15, 2022

Sungenis : a Blooper in Terminology, and a Good Remark on the Situation in the Vatican II Sect

Robert Sungenis Live #141: Ask Your Question
14.IX.2022 | Robert Sungenis


1:23:02 And indeed, not just Sun and Jupiter, but also Sirius and Aldebaran go around Earth each day.

If you actually said "world" meant "solar system" in the Galileo trial, that is wrong.

It very idiosyncratically meant "solar system" in Giordano Bruno's works. He invented the concept. But that doesn't make it the general meaning.

If you make the case - as I do - that the Sun and the Moon actually go around Earth each day, you absolutely cannot state that Sirius and Aldebaran remain in their places and only seem to go around Earth in the night half of each day because Earth is moving.

In Geocentrism, the Earth is the centre of the Universe. Not "of the solar system" ... and fortunately, Galileo, like his judges, considered the stars a kind of spheric sheet outside the orbit (sun centred, earth centred or Tychonic, whichever) of Saturn (the furthest away visible planet to the naked eye).

1:23:36 The very adequate reason why they are not talking about stars is, BOTH parties were agreed that the stars constituted a spherical sheet surrounding a spheric body of content at the centre of which we either find the earth (judges) or the sun (Galileo's long held opinion).

Why waste words on a topic both agree on?

It so happens, in the absence of the concept "centre of gravity" it is safest to take "centre" as "geometric centre" - a very long standing meaning of the word.


1:26:14 I have a fairly queezy feeling, you are very right on FSSPX, that they have gone very Modern in Science - unless their Modern is just Modernist ....

1:26:44 And you are making a very valid point that within those who accept "Pope Francis" the dioceses can vary very considerably as to tolerance of actual Antimodernism ...

In France, most dioceses are fairly Modernist, and the one of Var, which isn't, recently had a crack-down from "Pope Francis" on the Seminarians as "immature" ...

Do not miss next section : Sungenis takes on the idea that satellites prove rotation of Earth.

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