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Revisiting C. S. Lewis

I read this piece when I was under twenty, and now disagree on some points. But not on the main gist.

C. S. Lewis - Answers to Questions on Christianity
4th Aug. 2018 | C. S. Lewis essays

7:30 Sth - I think that the prophylactic method against venereal disease it is about is condoms.

And that the view mentioned is (in a roundabout way) that of the Catholic Church.

The implication it is really about is : condoms are not just good for avoiding venereal disease in connexion with sexual pleasures, they are also bad for avoiding children with sexual pleasure.

And the goodness is very occasional, since most sexual partners don't have a venereal disease and sticking to one which was chosen in such a knowledge may fix the problem, but the badness is in fact attached to all uses of condom, except when a person or a couple is anyway infertile (paedophilia, geriophilia, zoophilia, homosexual acts).

11:34 St. Thomas More considered earthly life as a Prison - Luther as a Hotel. Confer the answers a bit earlier on.

And Luther and Elisabeth I or her men and Calvin and Knox in fact did change society in various ways so that it became at least for the poor somewhat gloomier.

Much as St. Thomas More considered earthly life as a Prison, he didn't. When he said "sheep are eating men" about enclosures used to given landlords sheep grazing grounds, he didn't say it with approval. It was not Catholics deciding for themselves that Potatoes would be best for all Irish fields to grow, it was Anglicans (or Calvinists) deciding that if Irish tenants wanted a share in the wheat also grown on Irish fields, they'd have to pay for it, who caused The Great Famine.

"Same amount of fun" : literature is produced by a minority. Including the letters accidentally arriving to the status of literature when later discovered and republished.

As for the majority, or select extra unfortunate minorities within the lower class majority, there are factors that can hamper both the fun and the possibility to contribute to literature - like Soviet totalitarianism or C. S. Lewis mentioned the "sadness of Sweden" - and I think certain knowledge of geography tends to put forth that Catholicism is historically not as gloomy in this respect as Protestantism is.

15:40 C. S. Lewis, fortunately, seems to have more in common with St. Ignatius of Loyola than with Luther on this one!

21:04 "the Old Testament contains fabulous elements"

I disagree. So did Pope St. Pius X. In 1905, the first two decisions of the Pontifical Biblical Commission were signed by the Franciscan Br. David Fleming.

You cannot affirm that a hagiographer quoted an uninspired author without marking the quote, unless this can be proven without any shadow of a doubt.
You cannot affirm that a hagiographer wanted to write something other than history, while using similar language (novels and "myth" as today understood come to mind) unless this can be proven without any shadow of a doubt.

CIRCA CITATIONES IMPLICITAS IN S. SCRIPTURA CONTENTAS Die autem 13 Februarii anni 1905 Sanctissimus, referente me infrascripto Consultore ab Actis, praedictum Responsum adprobavit atque publici iuris fieri mandavit.
DE NARRATIONIBUS SPECIETENUS TANTUM HISTORICIS IN S. SCRIPTURAE LIBRIS QUI PRO HISTORICIS HABENTUR Die autem 23 Iunii a.c. in Audientia ambobus R.mis Consultorius ab Actis benigne concessa, Sanctissimus praedictum Responsum ratum habuit ac publici iuris fieri mandavit.

Both signed: Fr. David Fleming O.F.M. Consultor ab Actis
(Latin Fr. = Frater, so correct English would be Br. = Brother).

C. 22:00 This obviously means a disagreement on the assessment of Noah and of Jonah.

I am obviously defending the thesis that uncontrovertible proof cannot be given for such theses against historicity of these two.

27:54 "nasty rumours coming from Spain"

Like bypassing the actual persecutions in Spain, 40 000 priests, 12 bishops and I don't know exactly how many nuns and lay brother monks who were killed by the Reds ... JRRT was right on CSL being a dupe of political correctness on this one.

Non omnia possumus omnes ... even the good Homer (which is by the way mis-citing Horace).

28:16 That prophecy is however perfectly accurate.

This kind of atheopath does dominate quite a few areas of medicine, including psychiatry ...

28:26 "it was worse of them"

Not according to St. Thomas Aquinas (II - II Q 10 A 8) or Pope Leo X (Exsurge Domine, prop. 33).

If he was thinking of men like Cromwell, or Anglicans hanging Catholic priests, that's another matter : Calvinists and Anglicans, as such, are not fully confessing the Christian faith. Pirate copies tend to dysfunction.

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